Race-Bred EM1

Happy 2017 guys! I’ve been away from the site for far too long, but I’m back! And hopefully a little more active this year. You guys can always follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM as I’m more active there. Anyways, for my first post of the year it’s an old set I took last year of a gorgeous EM1 at a local car meet. Enjoy.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo ek1.jpg

 photo toydrive1.jpg

I love how simple and effective the exterior of this Civic is, just a great mixture of function and form.

 photo ek3.jpg

Mag Blue TE37, Alcon BBK, and Nitto NT01. You know this combo means serious business!

 photo ek4.jpg

If the exterior doesn’t convince you that this is a race car, perhaps the interior will. Digital dash, quick release, and sequential shifter among other race car things.

 photo ek2.jpg

One more look at the beautiful exterior.

Pandem Egg

Got a few photos of the Pandem EG I had stored on the hard drive so I decided to do a little edit and post them up here on the site. My posts have been few and far between, so gonna try to get some more material to post up here in the next few weeks.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo civic1_zpsb7nbu0j8.jpg

 photo civic2_zpspywaxwv8.jpg

 photo civic3_zpswnjpn44p.jpg

 photo civic4_zps6ec9jpdp.jpg

Killer GTR

It’s hard to believe that the R34 GTR is close to approaching 20 years old in just a few years. Still, with 276+ HP from the factory and an advance AWD system, this car has remained a tuner’s go-to platform in Japan and around the world til this day. To me, one of the greatest thing about the GTR is how mod-friendly the car is, and because of this attribute, this platform can produce some amazing builds such as this fine example.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000_6.jpg

 photo pic0002_6.jpg

The front of this GTR is adorn with a host of Auto Select goodies.

 photo pic0006_7.jpg

Endless BBK and Volk TE37 is the classic of classics.

 photo pic0005_6.jpg

 photo pic0003_7.jpg

 photo pic0004_4.jpg

Along with the front of the car, the back end of this beast is just as aggressive.

 photo pic0008_6.jpg

Like most GTRs, the icing lies under the hood, and in this case, a 630+ HP HKS T04Z powered RB26!

 photo pic0009_6.jpg

The only subtle part of this car is probably the interior which has a few essentials such as the MOMO steering wheel and a Recaro SPG-III driver side bucket.