Evasive Motorsports Voltex Version IV S2000 @ GTA Finals 2021

“Evasive Motorsports builds the best cars.” I feel like I’ve heard many people in the tuning car community utter this phrase before; and they’re not wrong. For nearly two decades, Evasive has always been in the forefront of building some of the most eye-catching cars on the racing circuit. From their partnerships with brands like Voltex Racing, HKS, Mackin Industries and others, they’re able to build race cars that are both refined in style and performance. I’ve seen countless people try to emulate this perfect balance in their cars but few can execute it as well as Evasive can.

This past weekend, at the 2021 Global Time Attack Finals, I was able to finally capture, in my opinion, their best build yet. When I first saw their Version IV S2000 debut at the 2018 SEMA event, I just fell in love with how aggressive and beautiful the Voltex Circuit Version III kit was on the car. I knew I had to see it in person and get some photos of it someday. And after three long years, my time finally came this past weekend, and let me just say, it was well worth the wait…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Few cars can look this good from all sides….. I understand this kind of extravagant build is not fit for everyone, but damn I sure would love to see more S2000s like this.

Every single part on this car seems to serve a purpose. The way it should be.

Admiring the car??? I would too even if I see it everyday like some of these guys do.

An HKS Rotrex supercharger mated to a stroked 2.35L F-series is the heart and soul of this build. I believe the car is pushing somewhere around 500HPs. Definitely not the highest horsepower car you’ll see out there, but it’s all about balance.

The EVS2-V4 was able to lay down a best time of 1:46.240 this past weekend with Dai Yoshihara behind the wheel once again. I’m sure the car is capable of low 40s but there seemed to be some transmission issues as I noticed the shifts were really slow with the sequential gearbox. Hopefully they’ll be able to address the issues and bring the car out again at its full potential… fingers crossed!

This car definitely looks best in its natural habitat… zooming around a race track ~

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