[EVENT] Attack Tsukuba 2021 “RX7 Special”

I was really hoping that the travel restrictions between the U.S. and Japan would ease up a bit before the Attack Tsukuba event last month, but that was not the case at all… Fortunately, I was able to contact one of my friend, Theo, who’s currently residing in Japan to help me at least get some sort of coverage on the event. Of course, I would have really loved to have been there myself, but this was definitely the next best thing.

So, for the past couple of years, I’ve done special “RX7 focused” posts because they usually come out in droves for time attack events in Japan and this year was no different. From what I counted on the entries list, there was a healthy showing of around 28 RX7s competing this year; that’s more than one fourth of the total entries! There was also a couple of big name RX7 missing this year like the Car Shop Dream FD and the Full Stage “Shark” FD, but hopefully we’ll be able to see them competing again in the near future. With that said, lets take a look at some of the FDs that did compete this year…

Photos by Theodore Chao/Edit by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

That Asian photographer stance… Even though I’d love to have been at Tsukuba to capture these images myself, it’s kinda cool to see what other people, in this case, my friend Theo, can capture behind the camera.

A few Second Class entrants. All three of these RX7s finished the day right around the minute mark, with the lime green Suzuban FD going fastest among the three.

The Boost Up FD came pretty close to its PB with a best time of 58.382 for the event.

This year was the year of the Be-Craft RX7s! I believe they had five representatives overall competing in multiple classes. This yellow Be-Craft car #3 finished the day with a 59.851.

Here’s another yellow Be-Craft FD… this one, slightly slower with a best lap time of 59.982.

My favorite car among the Be-Craft group was this 500HP monster that was easily the fastest as well, clocking in a 57.052; shattering its old PB by over four seconds!

The LM Advance FD looked pretty much unchanged since the last time I saw it. I love the C-West DRFT front bumper in conjunction with the TCP Magic widebody, probably the only car I’ve seen with this setup.

The Y’s Produce FD was probably my favorite car among ALL the entrants, not just the RX7s… Not only does the car look fantastic but it also sounds and performs just as well! With four rotors and power output around the 600 range, the NA FD was able to stop the clock at 57.594… a new PB.

An Attack Tsukuba regular, the Auto Rescue Izu FD was back at it again after hitting a new PB of 55.981 not too long ago. Unfortunately, it was not able to improve on its best this time around and finished the day with a 56.673.

Another RX7 that was hitting on all cylinders…….. I mean… rotors? was the Arios Okuyama FD. The custom widebody rotary was so close to hitting a new PB during the event, I’m talking milliseconds, but just came up short.

Don’t let the stock body fool you, this N-One Racing supported RX7 is capable of sub-minute lap times…

Theo caught the beautiful K2 Racing FD strolling down pitlane…

I remember I was telling Theo not to take too many photos of “flying” cars but it’s hard not to take them during any time attack event lol.

So, that just about wraps it up on the RX7s from Attack 2021. I know there’s a ton of cars missing but being that it was my friend Theo’s first time at Tsukuba, I didn’t wanna be too nit-picky on what I wanted and just let him shoot however he liked. But I’m content with the content he shot and I hope you guys enjoyed it too! Remember to check back for more ~

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