[EVENT] GTA Finals 2020

Hello all! Hope everyone is doing well…  it’s been a little while since I posted anything on here, so here’s a small gallery of some shots from GTA Finals that’s been sitting in queue. I’m pretty bummed out that we still can’t travel (at least from U.S. to Japan), which means I’ll be missing out on Attack Tsukuba next month. But I guess I’ll have to do with what I’ve got, so I’ll be focusing more on time attack here at home. I’ve been saying I wanted to check out Super Lap Battle at COTA for the past couple of years now and I suppose this is a good time to do that. I’ll also be checking out more events at Buttonwillow and perhaps Chuckwalla and others, so be sure to check back from time to time on galleries from those aforementioned events! With that said, thanks for looking and reading as always!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Spotted this very clean NA1 on MF10s as I was walking the paddock.

Jackie Ding in his PhD Racing A90 Supra ran a best time of 1:47.839 placing 3rd overall in Street Class.

RS Future NSX, PhD Racing Supra, and WRD Racing Prelude, respectively.

Jose Mejia’s Art of Attack FK8 was able to set a new FWD Street record with a 1:50.674 lap.

I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again… I’m pretty sure JC Meynet has participated in the most Super Lap Battle events in Buttonwillow than any other driver out there.

The best turbo setup has got to go to the Qart Racing Corvette Z06… the car actually set a new Limited Class RWD record with a 1:44.292 lap!

A lovely Lancia Delta Integrale.

Nick Bright’s Spoon Sports Accord Euro R was one of two cars in the Pro Comp Class. This is an authentic Spoon car and it’s always lovely to see it in action.

I saw Dustin Williams’ gorgeous Spoon S2000 for the first time at Chuckwalla and instantly fell in love with it. I think the livery looks really good against the matte black finish.

Renner Racing Development had a few Subarus out for the event as they usually do.

The Pink Ribbon Racing Supra was sporting my favorite livery on any car during the event. At least in my opinion….. what do you guys think?

Bay Area tuning shop Trackspec Autosports had a few cars out for GTA Finals… all matching in red too!

My friend Son was racing in his S2000 as usual… the car got a new livery that really completed the exterior aesthetics.

I always see Bret Nicoletti’s Miata at GTA events… the car doesn’t stand out like other cars but that’s okay because it’s a clean looking Miata. Can’t say that about most other Miatas that participate in these time attack events…

The Caliber Customs Corvette had the second fastest time at GTA Finals with a 1:41.551.

The fastest time of the day goes to David Haagsma in the H&M Motorsports GTR. Its blistering 1:37.761 lap time was less than half a second off the track record held by Will Au-Yeung’s Vibrant/PZ Tuning Civic!

The CSF Cooling Evo X was one of the most hyped up car during the event. Unfortunately they were still dialing in the car on day one and I didn’t get a chance to see it in action since I didn’t stay for day two.

FK8s have really become a staple in any track event…

The WRD Racing Prelude had some new RS Future aero treatment this year which helped it secure a new Limited Class FWD record with a 1:48.312 pass.

The Epic Score BMW E90 M3 was on hand again for another GTA Finals… this year it ran a 1:48.123 in Unlimited Class.

Same same but different?…

Lucky 7 Racing had a couple of representatives for GTA Finals… both looking fantastic on track and both still running a 13B. Just how it should be.

I first saw this Corvette Grand Sport during NDF Challenge at Chuckwalla last October and it gave Amir (RS Future NSX) a run for its money for the fastest time. This time around, the car didn’t run quite as fast but still finished with a very respectable 1:49.685.

And finishing this post off with a couple of very photogenic S2000s… The white Rockstar Garage even though it looks a bit timid, ran a 1:48.823 in Limited Class!

Remember you guys can also check out the ART OF ATTACK A90 Supra & the RS FUTURE NSX from previous posts.

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