Wekfest VIII [Event Coverage Part 2]

Almost a month later, I’m still posting Wekfest San Jose pictures… such a shame, but I’ve been super busy lately with other things in my life and the blog has been put in the back burner for the time being. But this site is still a passion of mine so I’m still going to update from time to time which brings us to this post. I said previously that I was going to go more in depth about my thoughts on this show so let’s get right to it.

A lot of people have mentioned that Wekfest SJ is the one of the heaviest hitting show of the season and it could very well be because I did see a great number of notable builds. However, with that said, I do think there’s a bit of favoritism within the show and perhaps the Wekfest organization because there were several cars that were questionable with their eligibility for the show. I mention this because Wekfest is advertised as being the “Super Bowl” of all shows and there’s a strict screening process associated with entering the show. So this makes me question how a stock C63 AMG with only a matte black wrap make the cut, or how other borderline modded cars make the cut? Is favoritism involved? It definitely looks that way from my standpoint. Also, keep in mind that I’m not associated with anyone in the automotive industry, so this post is strictly based on my non-biased opinion.

As far as the experience of the show, I actually had a great time and ran into several friends I haven’t seen for awhile and the check-in process was smooth and swift although there was a slight delay with their setup at the entrance. Overall, the show went by smoothly but they do need to step up their screening process if Wekfest really wants to be considered “ELITE.”

Now on to some pictures!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo wek29.jpg

 photo wek30.jpg

 photo wek31.jpg

A few of the West Collective guys from SoCal.

 photo wek32.jpg

A proper EK.

 photo wek33.jpg

F80 with some JDM goods.

 photo wek36.jpg

Arizona S2K with the Sorcery front end.

 photo wek35.jpg

 photo wek41.jpg

Seen this Voltex Evo in many Bay Area shows.

 photo wek34.jpg

Rocket Bunny GTR owned by a very famous Instagrammer.

 photo wek39.jpg

 photo wek38.jpg

Mackin Industries + Evasive Motorsports.

 photo wek37.jpg

Always been a fan of this Speed Element STi.

 photo wek42.jpg

GTR on the floor.

 photo wek45.jpg

K20 and turbo = perfection.

 photo wek46.jpg

The Fatlace GTR.

 photo wek47.jpg

Rocket Bunny V2.

 photo wek48.jpg

 photo wek49.jpg

This was definitely a crowd favorite, the RB Boss S14 with a BMW swap and a giant turbo.

 photo wek43.jpg

 photo wek44.jpg

 photo wek1.jpg

The famous Rywire ITR looking absolutely gorgeous in person.

 photo wek40.jpg

And finally……..how much is too much?

Stay tuned for part 3!

Wekfest VIII [Event Coverage Part 1]

Been slacking on posting up the Wekfest SJ photos for the past couple of weeks, but I’m finally putting some up! I’ll have a more in depth write-up in the next part which will include some constructive criticism because I think it’s needed. But anyways, here’s a few shots to get the ball rolling.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo wek10.jpg

 photo wek9.jpg

Noticed I didn’t get a full shot of the Fugu Z but did manage to get some details of it.

 photo wek6.jpg

 photo wek7.jpg

 photo wek17.jpg

Favorite Evo at the show; crazy setup inside and out.

 photo wek12.jpg

 photo wek11.jpg

A couple of clean GTRs at the show.

 photo wek3.jpg

The infamous Sellout Supply NSX from Arizona.

 photo wek13.jpg

Gorgeous Cayman GT4 on Advan GTs.

 photo wek15.jpg

 photo wek14.jpg

Speed Element Evos.

 photo wek16.jpg

RB 370Z on Meister S1.

 photo wek18.jpg

This Voltex Evo is a staple at every show.

 photo wek19.jpg

 photo wek27.jpg

Super clean DC5 sitting on some deep Work wheels.

 photo wek2.jpg

 photo wek23.jpg

 photo wek26.jpg

Another favorite of mine from the show, the M&M Honda Racing wide body DC5.

 photo wek24.jpg

This WRX had a ton of JDM goodies in its parts list.

 photo wek22.jpg

DC2s had a strong showing, which is typical in every show.

 photo wek20.jpg

This J Swap Accord was pretty interesting.

 photo wek21.jpg

 photo wek25.jpg

And a couple of slammed S2ks to round out this portion of the coverage!

For Love of Scaled Models #6: RE Amemiya FD3S

It’s been almost a whole year since I had one of these posts but it’s about time to get the ball rolling again… And what better than a 1/24 scale RE Amemiya themed RX7 on Advan RG2s!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo mazda3.jpg

 photo mazda1.jpg

 photo mazda2.jpg

 photo mazda5.jpg

 photo mazda4.jpg

 photo mazda6.jpg