Simple Fresh GTR

I’ve always said that R34 GTRs are one of those cars that needs very little in aftermarket modifications to perform well against other sports cars. And til this day, I still stand by this statement.

Photos via Global Auto

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Even though this particular GTR looks very simple on the outside, it really stood out to me because the combination of the silver body with the gloss black Volk Racing SE37K looks absolutely perfect.

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 photo pic0007_3.jpg

The ride height on this thing is also perfect in my books.

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Although the exterior is relatively mild, this R34 packs a pretty good punch thanks to a fully built N1 block as well as a ton of HKS engine mods, most notably, the twin GT2530 turbines that pushes this race car to 550 HPs.

Black Se7en

For those who’s been following the blog, you guys should know that I prefer cars that are simple, but tastefully modded. A perfect example of what I’m talking about is this gorgeous RX7 below!

Photos via Michio Nation

 photo 1519064.jpg

 photo 1519060.jpg

Some might think this is too low, but I think it’s perfect.

 photo 1519061.jpg

BBS LM is such a classic wheel.

 photo 1519059.jpg

 photo 1519065.jpg

Magical Seven

When it comes to Mazdas, especially the RX7, there are several specialty aftermarket brands that pops into mind. The most popular of course, is RE Amemiya, but there are many others with an equally good reputation among the RX7 crowd, one of them is R-Magic. Pro Staff R-Magic has been tuning and developing parts for the RX-7 since the early 90’s, so you know they are very experienced in the platform. One of my favorites from them is their “Armor” wide body kit for the FD which is among the widest kit I’ve seen for the car.

Photos via MINKARA

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