[EVENT] Attack Tsukuba 2021

Alrighty, so I pretty much edited all the shots that I wanted to post up here from Attack Tsukuba. I was kinda taking my sweet ass time on getting these photos up but I have some new material that I want to post up soon, so here we are… if it weren’t for the new material, I don’t know how long I’d have this post sitting in queue to be honest. It seems like my motivation to update the site has been none existent lately and it’s probably due to the pandemic and all the travel restrictions and such; but I’d throw in my general laziness as a culprit as well. Nevertheless, I reckon we’re finally over the hump as far as the pandemic is concerned (fingers-crossed), and we can finally go places and attend events on a larger scale and perhaps get my motivation back to norm.

Photos by Theodore Chao/Edit by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

It seems that lately there’s always new classes popping up during Attack Tsukuba and this year we saw a couple of new ones with the Kei Class being one of them. Kei cars are pretty much miniature road-going vehicles with small displacement engines that does the everyday errands and commute but are quite popular in a densely populated country like Japan.

Without a doubt, the Daihatsu Copens from Copen specialist, Mo.FAC, are among the fastest Kei cars at the event. This particular Copen you see here was the fastest and the only one to hit a sub-minute lap time!

A Suzuki Alto Works RS/Z.

The Top Fuel Honda S660 was able to achieve its target time in the 1’05.xxx range.

Gull wing and mid-engine, the Autozam AZ-1/Suzuki Cara is like a miniature supercar.

Another Honda S660.

I never knew there were so many specialty shops like Vaqeratta that specifically cater to certain Kei cars until now.

Moving away from the Kei-Class, let’s take a look at the heavy hitters of the event. First up, the Friend’s Racing S15. The aero package on this car seemed to be a little different this year with a different hood and the elimination of the rear diffuser… not really sure why, but it didn’t help improve on its PB.

I mentioned earlier that there were two new classes for Attack Tsukuba this year, one being the Kei Class and the other was the U29 Class (Under 29) which this Garage Mak S15 was competing under. This 700HP powerhouse was able to reset its PB this year with a 57.099 lap!

Since we’re on the topic of S15s, here’s another from Shimada Motor/Garage Teranishi.

The S-Complete BMD Onevia had a revamped look this year with a new aero package… I can’t say I like it, but it was definitely effective as the car was able to hit a new PB this time around stopping the clock at 54.703.

The face of the fastest DC5 around Tsukuba.

An Attack regular, the 1000HP capable Anshin R32 GTR.

Do I even have to tell you who had the fastest time at Attack Tsukuba? Well, 50.492 was the time in case you were wondering…

Friend’s Racing finally brought out their VAB for an Attack event. I was looking forward to seeing this car in person but that was not in the cards…

Another Subaru in competition this year was the much older Luck Auto GF8. It was great to see this car back in action with a new front aero which helped it seal a 55.784 lap time. This new PB places the 20+ year old wagon firmly in the 35th spot on the all-time TC2000 rankings.

Arvou returned this year with a new S2000 demo wearing the proven Voltex Circuit Version III kit and it did not disappoint! The car had several practice outings around TC2000 leading up to Attack Tsukuba which culminated in a best time of 53.887, placing it 12th on the all-time list.

The full carbon Autobahn Joyo Fudosan Soarer was a familiar sight at Attack Tsukuba.

M’s Machine Works’ Cayman GT3 returned to Attack Tsukuba with a new look and a new PB shattering its old time with a 56.911 blast around the track.

Since we’re on the topic of Porsches, here’s the beautiful MidNight Racing GT3RS.

A much more milder Cayman compared to the M’s Machine Works beast.

The CBY and WORKS Doudou AE85, respectively. The latter went on to become to quickest AE8X around TC2000 with a sensational 56.859 lap time!

We see plenty of AE86 and 85s but seldom do we see AE111s…

ASM and Arvou street spec S2000s. I just realized after all this time, both of these cars still runs their soft-tops…

Here’s the more “serious” Arvou Sunrise 360 S2000. The NA powered AP1 went on to finish the day with a 1’01.721.

I love the aggressive look of this UTAC Sunbeam E46 M3. The gorgeous BMW managed a best time of 1’03.294.

Nob Taniguchi was behind the wheel of this Garage G-Force GR Yaris this year, piloting the car to a quick 58.573 lap time.

The Attkd and Quarter Mile R34s both missed their target times this year…

This Skyline Type M always looks good… especially with those Hyper Green TE37s.

Mom’s Errand-Runner GTR… now this an interesting name for a car.

Saw this Ridox Supra for the first time in 2020 and it looked to be unchanged this year.

It’s great to see Taketo and Naoki back at it again in their respective Subarus. Both cars looking fantastic as ever and running 59s this year.

A few Mazdas other than RX7s… the fastest in this group being the TCS Usui Roadster hitting a new PB of 59.418.

The K2 Racing GTR and Admix Sunoco Tanemans GTR, respectively. Both cars are capable of mid 50 second passes with the latter hitting a 55.200 this time out.

The Assist Kyoto M4 taking flight. Nob Taniguchi was behind the wheel once again but could not improve on its PB of 58.779.

Cooling down with the Lancia Delta Integrale 16V…

The Orange Ball S2000 has always been one of my favorites in the Attack series.

I believe this Screen & D2 racing beauty was the sole A90 in competition. There will most likely be more A90s competing in the future as the platform continues to gain popularity and aftermarket support.

The Advance Auto/Chevy Service Miki C6 Z06 hauling ass in the front straight.

A couple of spectator cars to finish off this post…

As always, thanks for checking out the site, and I wanna give a huge shoutout to my friend Theo again for getting these shots for me! 

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