RS Future NSX @ GTA Finals 2020

I know I posted a short post on the RS Future NSX during a VTEC CLUB event last year, but this car is just too perfect not to have its own post once again! For me personally, I think this car ranks among the top for one of the best time attack cars in North America. I know aesthetics is a subjective kind of thing, but I’m sure the general consensus among automotive peers is that this car looks AMAZING. (Even more so with the ZE40s) But not only does this NSX look good, it also performs incredibly well… so well in fact, that it took home first place in Street Class during this year’s GTA Finals and just absolutely demolished the old class record with a blistering 1:44.768 lap time. To put it into perspective, a 1:44.768 would’ve placed 3rd place in Unlimited Class! Truly unbelievable!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

More photos from GTA Finals will make their way up on the site soon! Stay tuned!

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