[EVENT] Club Racer Reunion 2020 @ CVR Part 1

I don’t know how else to say it, but it felt so fucking good attending and shooting at the track again. I didn’t care about the 7+ hour drive, or the scorching 100 degree heat; I just wanted to be out there with good people and fantastic cars! The event I’m referring to is the Club Racer Reunion event hosted by Vtec Club USA and Narita Dogfight which was held at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway over two days. To be honest, I was a bit iffy about heading down there cause it’s so far away from me (Bay Area), but I’ve been in quarantine mode for so long that I felt like I needed to go out and shoot something! Also, it gave me a good reason to hang out with some friends and check out CVR for the first time.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Saturday started out with some nice overcast weather, which made for the best photo opportunity during the weekend. Here we have Dustin Williams of Legends Media’s fully Spooned out S2000 on the morning of day one. The NA S2000 ran a best time of 2:02…

Time attack regular, Amir Bentatou of RS Future was on hand for the weekend with his always fabulous K20-powered NA1 NSX. The car was just hardparked during the first day as it awaits for the NDF Challenge on Sunday. I’ll have a few more shots of this car in the next post.

Art of Attack had several cars out representing their brand including a NC1 NSX, FK8 Type R, as well as a newly acquired Apex Blue S2000 CR.

A couple of lovely S2000s with a similar look… both rocking a Voltex front end, J’s Racing side skirts, and Voltex rear spoiler among other things.

Seen photos of this SEMA build last year, but this Trans Am is literally a work of art. I believe the car went for a run early on the first day but there was an issue that sidelined it for the rest of the weekend.

One of the main reasons I headed down to Chuckwalla was to hang out with my friend Clint who brought out his ZN6. The car looks like a hardparker with a full Varis Arising II kit but he actually tracks it quite a bit and puts down very respectable lap times. I was able to ride with him on day one, and the car felt very planted with ample amounts of grip even on worn out Nankang AR1s… I can’t wait for the new engine to drop in so the car can have some much needed horsepower!

A DC2 with a B18C seems rare these days, especially during track events since so many have gone the K20/24 route. Even though the K-series definitely have its benefits, B-series power plants are still no slouch!

Muoi Tran’s EK was probably the finest hatchback during the event… I heard it’s pretty damn fast too…

So, this is about all I got for day one. I know it’s not much but I was extra tired and I was expecting to take more photos on the second day, which I think I did… But as I said earlier, first day had the best shooting conditions and I wish I took advantage of that. Oh well…

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