[EVENT] Art of Attack S2000/NSX “One Make Series Meet”

A few months ago, the guys at Art of Attack hosted their first “One Make Series” meet to huge success and I was able to check out that meet first hand. The inaugural meet was strictly focused on the Civic Type R, so naturally most of the cars there were FK8s. You guys can check out some of the photos from that day HERE. This first meet was great for the FK8 crowd but I’m not a fan of the platform so it was just a feeler and an excuse to go to a car event. For their second One Make Series meet in late October, they decided to combine Honda’s flagship NSX along with the equally sporty and desirable S2000 into one meet. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Talk about killing two birds with one stone! When this meet was announced on social media, I knew that I had to make it down to SoCal even though it means I’d have to make that long and dreadful six hour drive again. And if you ask me, this was totally worth it!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

If you guys didn’t know, Art of Attack and RS Future share the same facilities now, and that is like a match made in time attack heaven.

It’s been a few years since I last saw this Route KS Madonna NSX and it still looks just as good and stunning as ever.

Sorcery makes one of the best kits for the NSX in my opinion, and this particular car was able to execute the look perfectly.

Marga Hills is also a great choice for the NSX.

Of course, you can never go wrong with the stock bodies.

But in my eyes, the best NSX of the day was definitely this Route KS beauty. I just love the white on white with the OG TEs.

Photos really don’t do this justice, but the fitment on these RGs was so good. I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but the Advan RG is one of my all time favorite wheel especially in GTR fitment.

Speaking of wheels, there were some highly desirable sets on display throughout the meet. I actually don’t think I saw a single set of replica wheels on any of the cars… and to be quite honest, that’s a good thing.

I saw my long time S2000 friend Nit and his Spoon-clad roadster for the first time in over a decade! I can’t believe the car still looks pretty much the same since the last time I’ve seen it… the driver looks about the same too. I guess the saying really is true; Asians don’t raisin!

I’ve grown to really like the Mugen SS bumper aka “smiley face” over the years.

So, I like aggressive looking S2000s and what not but something about the stock-bodied cars that really gets my appreciation. Maybe cause everyone’s trying to go for the aggressive route these days…

Couple more stock bodies, but these one’s are treated with some very tasteful Mugen goodies.

This car reminds me of the Evasive Motorsports V3 S2000 but not quite as aggressive.

I don’t know how many companies makes “ASM” parts these days, but I’m all about the genuine products and this Formula Red AP2 is as genuine and authentic as it gets!

Two more S2000s that take the authenticity game seriously! Tommy of Go Tuning and Randy from Evasive Motorsports, respectively. Tommy’s ASM S2000 is pretty much the epitome of what a true “ASM” S2000 should be.

And………….I’m gonna close out this post with some beautiful non-NSX/S2000s… I’m not sure if you can tell from the photos but that red EM1 on Sprint Hart CP-Rs was flawless. An absolute beauty!

So, there you have it. A relatively small gallery, but hope y’all enjoyed it anyways. Until next time…

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