[EVENT] Club Racer Reunion 2020 @ CVR Part 2

Welp, as you can probably tell, I was a bit lazy updating the site since it’s been almost a month when I last posted photos of the Club Racer Reunion event. I said in the previous post that I have more photos from the event so here they are! These are all from the second day and are edited a bit differently since the lighting was very harsh… hope you guys enjoy them regardless!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

My friend John had recently wrapped his S2000 in a bright orange/red color and it looks beautiful especially on the track!

A track event isn’t complete without its fair share of S2000s!

I have this habit where every time I post a FK8, I always make a note of how I dislike the look of the car… however, there’s always an exception and Jose’s Type R is one of them.

It’s always a treat to see RX7s out and about at track events… since they’re so rare in the U.S.

Phoenix Yellow vs Dakar Yellow… E46 vs E46… which would you choose?

There was also a very clean M4 GTS present at the event… or should I call it, “GT3 Hunter”…

I’ve seen photos of this ISF online before but it’s my first time seeing it in person and it looked and performed great! It’s definitely one of the rarer chassis in the time attack world.

An awesome looking K20-powered MRS.

The white CE28s was a good match on this third gen Miata.

Honda couple…

RS Future’s Amir, once again had a very impressive performance in his NSX taking first and fastest lap overall during the weekend.

Part of the lineup for the NDF Attack Challenge.

S2000 sandwich with extra meat…

An AP1 getting ready to chase down the SE3P… I think it got the job done…

I had a great time meeting Alex and chatting it up during the weekend. His DC2 did pretty well and qualified for the NDF Attack Challenge.

Last but not least, my friend Clint’s Varis GT86, a car you’ve seen plenty on this site. On the second day he threw on a fresh set of Desmond Regamaster wrapped in Advan A052s. This setup is probably my favorite on his car…

Thanks for checking out the post as always!

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