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For Love of Scaled Models #6: RE Amemiya FD3S

It’s been almost a whole year since I had one of these posts but it’s about time to get the ball rolling again… And what better than a 1/24 scale RE Amemiya themed RX7 on Advan RG2s!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo mazda3.jpg

 photo mazda1.jpg

 photo mazda2.jpg

 photo mazda5.jpg

 photo mazda4.jpg

 photo mazda6.jpg


For Love of Scaled Models #5: Nismo R32

Ahh, another Monday, another model cars post. This time it’s a beautiful Nismo R32 Skyline.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 21656228264_9059952c9a_h_zpsm4guxbkz.jpg

 photo 21656230294_b1a0bb2d7a_h_zpsnaqeg2ih.jpg

 photo 22092132569_6e51d9e96e_h_zpsud5vmoci.jpg

 photo 21656236484_e42b3cfdcb_h_zpsf4h7lknd.jpg

 photo 22091230928_f845b265a4_h_zpsdazmffk1.jpg

I’m loving the details of model cars these days..

 photo 22278932345_258b000bc7_b_zpsai9vgonh.jpg

 photo 22092090099_83446532dd_b_zpsblqhi6wl.jpg

 photo 22092083389_fbcd946682_b_zps7gjzfcn0.jpg

 photo 22092113759_4ee2e29b94_b_zpsdktforf2.jpg

 photo 22289430331_dc520ded7a_b_zpsfvsqqmex.jpg

 photo 22092105109_9a78d912aa_b_zpseiumcc1l.jpg

 photo 22090895780_fe5b5e160c_b_zps94pvkww0.jpg

Clean ass engine bay!!

For Love of Scaled Models #3: R33 GTR x BBS LM

I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with the details and customization on scaled models these days. You can literally build any car down to scale and have the parts and stance to go with it…… and that’s fucking awesome.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

This 1/18 scaled R33 is as bad ass as they come; rocking some re barreled LMs and a killer fitment…who knew model cars can look this good!

 photo g3_zpsgfbwryxv.png

 photo g5_zpspyzu642y.png

 photo g6_zpscaifzq2a.png

 photo g4_zpsuexiou5l.png

 photo g1_zpsgcocezon.png

 photo g2_zpsqncrrtpp.png