Arvou S2000 @ Attack Tsukuba 2023

Hello! It’s me. Wow, where do I start… this whole writing process on here seems so foreign to me now. The last entry on this site was in late 2021, so it’s been well over a year since I’ve posted anything on here. I guess you can chalk it up to a combination of me being lazy and just a lack of material that I really wanted to edit and post. Also, I was putting a lot of focus on my social media channels and posting there since it’s easier and less time consuming. However, with Japan reopening to the world, I was finally able to attend another Attack event and shoot some much needed material for the site.

Initially, I was just going to do a post on the Attack Tsukuba event but I realized that I took quite a few photos of the Voltex clad Arvou S2000, so here we are, a special post for a special car.

As you can probably imagine, there were no shortages of beautifully tuned machines at Attack Tsukuba, but there were certain ones that just commands extra attention; the Arvou S2000 was one of them. I’m not sure what it is about this car, but a lot of people seems to be very interested and invested in this S2000; both at the event and online in general. I’m not gonna lie, I was spending an unhealthy amount of time around this car when I should’ve probably browsed around a bit more.

I’d say the $30,000+ Voltex Circuit Version III attire (sans rear diffuser and hood) has something to do with how popular this car is.

I’m not quite sure why the rear diffuser was not changed to the circuit version but I suppose the street version is still functional and looks great with the rest of the kit.

Check out the fastest guy with a tuning car around Tsukuba… or I should say all of Japan…

The HKS Rotrex powered F-Series continues to be the heart and soul of Arvou’s demo cars, just like the touge demo that crashed into the guard rail several years ago. The 450HP power plant consistently puts down quick 53 second lap times, although I’m not sure how far the supercharged system will go before it reaches its limitations. Stateside, Evasive Motorsports had a very similar setup and decided to go with the turbo route instead, so time will tell if Arvou will do the same. Until then, let’s hope for continued success and faster lap times. ~


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