Finest Madonna

I’ve always been a fan of huge wings, diffusers, and crazy aerodynamics for specific Japanese sports cars like Evos, STis, S2000s and NSXs. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a mild and refined build as well, so as far as NSXs are concerned, I think the Route KS Madonna kit is one of the cleanest, most beautiful kits available.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo m8.jpg

I’ve seen several NSXs with Madonna kits before but this one still remains the best executed example in my eyes.

 photo m6.jpg

 photo m5.jpg

No splitters, carbon fiber, or big wings needed here.

 photo m1_1.jpg

 photo m3_1.jpg

Couldn’t think of a better set of shoes for this NSX than these Mercury Silver CE28s.

 photo m2_1.jpg

 photo m4_1.jpg

 photo m7.jpg

The thing that I really love about the Madonna kit is how well it compliments the stock lines of the NSX and it makes it hard to tell that it’s actually a wide body kit. Talk about subtle but effective!

Monster R32 GTR

I think I’ve said it in earlier posts on the blog but the R32 GTR is over 25 years old and is definitely showing its age.
Of course this notion is solely based on a stock R32 cause man, if you modify it with the right parts, it can easily blend in with them newer generations of sports cars. Case in point, this insanely gorgeous example from Global Auto Sales.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo r2_2.jpg

 photo r5_2.jpg

This is quite possibly the most beautiful R32 I’ve ever seen. Everything about this car is perfect in my opinion, everything from the body car, to wheel choice, and all the modifications in between.

 photo r1_2.jpg

The rare Shorin front lip looks amazing with the rest of the car.

 photo r6_2.jpg

Gloss black TE37 and Endless BBKs is footwork perfection.

 photo r3_2.jpg

 photo r4_2.jpg

The back side of this beast is equally aggressive as the rest of the car with that gigantic Voltex spoiler and the Top Secret carbon diffuser. Oh, and that Ganador titanium exhaust is also a nice, albeit, expensive touch.

 photo r7_2.jpg

And lastly, a well-rounded car must have a well built motor to finish it off, and this R32 is all about power and reliability. We talking 2.8 liters of stroked RB26 and a huge HKS T04Z turbine that cranks out 700+ HPs, enough for drag, circuit, drift, or whatever motorsport you throw at it.

Baller Imola

This S2000 from Global Auto might seem like a typical modified S2k but upon closer inspection, you’d realize why the title of this post is so fitting.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000 1.jpg

Front end of this S is kept relatively simple with a genuine Mugen front lip and Chargespeed carbon canards paint-matched to Imola Orange.

 photo pic0002 1.jpg

Moving along the rest of the car is more genuine goodies like a Mugen dry carbon hood as well as Mugen dry carbon hardtop paint-matched to Imola Orange.

 photo pic0003 1.jpg

 photo pic0005 1_1.jpg

Towards the back end there’s more genuine and rare parts such as the Car Garage Amis bumper, the gigantic Voltex rear spoiler, and a Powerhouse Amuse R1 titanium exhaust.

 photo pic0004 1.jpg

The carbon trunk is another Car Garage Amis unit.

 photo pic0007.jpg

Just in this quarter panel shot, you see why this car is so ballin’; there’s the Mugen dry carbon roof, J’s Racing wide fenders, Enkei RS05RR, Voltex carbon spoiler, and the Car Garage Amis rear bumper.

 photo pic0008 1.jpg

Engine wise, it is kept simple and clean with max power output at about 250HP.

 photo pic0009 1.jpg

 photo pic0010 1.jpg

And finally, the interior is highlighted by a pair of Recaro RS-G buckets in a suede finish to really complement the rest of the car.