Pit Road M Mazdaspeed 3

Now this is a car you don’t see much of, the Mazdaspeed 3! With 263HP and 280LB/FT of torque, it is as capable as any other Japanese sports car out there. Mate these specs along with some Pit Road M treatment, and you’ve got yourself a real heavy hitter!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo d3a42e9330_zpssbtisjvv.jpg

The super rare Knight Sports kit sets the Celestial Blue Mica Speed 3 off real nicely.

 photo 10a67a77b3_zpstluk3rzi.jpg

 photo 7ca5874c1c_zpsxxinueoi.jpg

Volk ZE40 in matte blue is always amazing on any car.

 photo 832fc654ac_zpsxvx7kwoi.jpg

 photo 88c32271c3_zpsbgtoop1s.jpg

Fit For A King

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far fetched as king, but this Canadian Honda Fit is pretty bad ass and is fit for any car enthusiast alike. Owned by photographer, Galen Wan of Gawa Photos, this thing has got parts that you’d think would belong on race cars and there were no shortcuts (or cheapcuts) taken with the mods.

Photos by Gawa Photo via FLICKR

 photo 18711651384_1112c60bef_h_zps8f0u8wlp.jpg

This thing has got some pretty legitimate parts for any car’s standards, so to see them on a Fit is definitely a breath of fresh air.

 photo 18713561813_790c5bd52e_h_zpsjv1aozwz.jpg

 photo 19338136371_5f33c15887_h_zpslglcvgpp.jpg

 photo 19148027479_241a1341ba_h_zpsmvyh7jby.jpg

 photo 19146568408_6a437b5ff4_h_zps93akewlh.jpg

This Fit has got it all, boost from a T1R turbo kit, J’a Racing exterior pieces with a gorgeous paint job, Advan RCII mated to Endless BBKs and a host of other authentic goodies that’ll make any car guy jealous.

Killer Lexus: The Forzato IS350

I’ve seen some pretty special IS250 and IS350 before but this Forzato kitted beauty definitely ranks up there as one of the best. My favorite aspect of this car is of course, those aggressive over fenders along with perfectly fitted Work Zeast ST1s. Normally I’m not a huge fan of exposed carbon (excluding exotics), but I think it works really well here and gives this IS350 a real one-of-a-kind look.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 19012133655_6bd92004ad_k_zpscq4ffjmh.jpg

Lovin’ the carbon bulges…

 photo 19015186251_515cfd0ab4_k_zpstjedoia0.jpg

Fitment is beyond perfection.

 photo 18985885496_e773cc1b6b_k_zpsxp1kjrd8.jpg

 photo 18985878426_888f3d110d_k_zpsvvnm5rue.jpg

Gigantic Forzato BBKs looks amazing behind gold Work Zeast ST1 wheels.

 photo 18985876996_c71120e486_k_zpscignur5c.jpg

S2K Gone Wrong?

When it comes to modifying cars, just how far is too far? I’m normally not the type to post up these kinda builds but this thing takes crazy to a whole new level…… Is this going a bit too far? Drop a comment below with your thoughts…

Photos via MINKARA

 photo s4_zps6hmlmo0n.jpg

The crazy and sad thing about this S2k is that it’s got so much potential being that it’s from Japan and everything that’s on the car is authentic…..down to the Modulo front lip. If only it didn’t go full retard…..

 photo s3_zps6aojahha.jpg

The SSR Koenig Monsters would’ve been more proper on a Silvia…

 photo s6_zpsr70vvn08.jpg

 photo s2_zpshpfa8jf0.jpg

Going beyond the “stretch.”

 photo s1_zpshxiamilw.jpg

 photo s5_zpscxskbm5o.jpg

Normally I’d hesitate to use words like “ruined” or “broke” when it comes to other peoples’ cars but this thing is another story..

Phoenix’s Power Tuned TME EVO VI

The Tommi Makinen EVO VI is a reinforced, limited edition AWD machine that any normal car enthusiast would be happy with straight from the factory. But there’s always those few who would step out of the box and take things to the next level, even with a limited production vehicle. Enter the Phoenix’s Power tuned EVO VI TME.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo evo1_zpsov9ytzqt.png

 photo evo4_zpsajqx4po0.png

The EVO V and VI’s are my favorites as far as exterior wise compare to EVOs of all generations.

 photo evo3_zpse5cjf1nd.png

 photo evo2_zpsscycqdje.png

The TME VI takes the aggressiveness to a higher level.

 photo evo5_zpsai8fb5nl.png

 photo evo8_zpsffnn5dtn.png

The Volk Racing G25 wheels goes perfectly with this car.

 photo evo7_zpsub0cb2qc.png

On the back end is the standard wing and aero along with a Blitz NUR Spec exhaust.

 photo evo6_zpsw4scizsa.png

 photo evo9_zpswrfntjei.png

The real showcase of this car is most definitely the engine bay which features a Toda Racing 2.3L stroker kit, a HKS GTII turbocharger, various JUN cams and camshafts, and also the MIVEC head along with numerous supporting mods.

 photo evo10_zpsuztcryn2.png

Interior is kept simple and functional.