The Goblin FD

Lamborghini doors on anything other than a Lamborghini is something that you normally don’t see on this blog, but I’m gonna give it a little exception this time. This semi-custom FD is definitely a head turner with its bright green paint, and the glorious mixture of RE-Amemiya parts along with the Total Car Produce widebody kit. I mentioned “semi-custom” because of some of the custom body work that this car has as well.

Photos via MINKARA

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The Japanese Bavarian

I’m gonna start off this post by saying, I LOVE M3s with a slew of authentic Japanese parts. There’s something about the two that just works wonders. This particular M3 is one of the more extensively modded ones that I’ve seen as of late cause I have noticed that a lot of Japanese tuners have gone with putting a lot of attention to the “stance” of their cars due to a tremendous amount of U.S. influence. and many were lacking the “whole package.” So, seeing this well-rounded M3 is quite the treat!

Photos via MINKARA









Pretty simple and straight forward title with this post… A GPW S2000 on CE28RT wheels. One of the things that I really liked about this car is how well the GT wing works with the rest of the car and I absolutely LOVE the contrast of the red CE28RTs off the GPW paint.

Photos via MINKARA


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Mix Matched S2k That Works Wonders!

I love it when owners mix match parts on their car that actually works! Case in point, this sinister S2K from Japan. This beast of a car has got parts from all sorts of manufacturers, I’m talkin’ Sorcery front bumper, Spoon front fenders, ASM rear overfenders, Top Secret rear diffuser, and a Mugen hard top…not to mention the J’s Racing spoiler as well…

Now THAT’S diversity!

Photos via MINKARA

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Evo on Steroids

Sure, it’s another Voltex Evo…..but this one is a bit different…this thing also has quite a bit of Varis products mixed in as well, and I’m not talking about the basic shit. I know I constantly make bold statements on here, but this is probably one of the best “mixed-use” Evo I have ever seen. I absolutely LOVE the combination of the Voltex Cyber front bumper with the wide Varis side steps and rear diffuser/vortex generators. Also, who can forget those iconic TE37SLs. But the real kicker for this particular Evo is its paint job. I mean, the gold flakes on black is just mesmerizing!

Photos via MINKARA





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Devilish Ridox Supra

One of my favorite aero package for the MKIV Supra is definitely the Varis Ridox kit. And when you mate the kit with a set of gorgeous wheels like the Advan GT, you’d have yourself what I would call, a perfect Supra.

Photos via MINKARA

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Upgraded Garrett GTX3582R turbine + GT wing.

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