[Event Coverage] Hot Import Nights 2015 *San Jose Edition*

Better late than never! Finally caught up with my posts this week with the few photos that I took from HIN San Jose a couple weekends back. My impression of this show was not very positive and I thought it was lacking in some degree to other big name events. Of course, there were some obstacles the HIN crew had to overcome, most notably the last minute changes in venue which was probably the reason behind the sub-par showing of cars and overall in-cohesiveness of the show. The highlight of the show for me personally, was seeing Miss HIN 2015, Vicki Li in the flesh as she’s my favorite import model at the moment! Other than that, most of the notable cars were repeats from Wekfest, and the rest were just okay at best.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo hin1_zpsun4fkocw.jpg

 photo hin2_zpsz1m1jofn.jpg

Couple of the Team Rev crew.

 photo hin3_zpsc2vgs1xd.jpg

 photo hin4_zpssleitxkf.jpg

 photo hin5_zpsjaidsl8n.jpg

 photo hin7_zpssurh422k.jpg

Pretty clean GS.

 photo hin8_zpsjs5qwrst.jpg

Lineup on point.

 photo hin6_zpsmzraenzo.jpg

 photo bugged_zpsxegkiknb.jpg

Couple of clean Subaru wagons.

 photo hin10_zpsnufna34m.jpg

 photo hin9_zpssemayrsj.jpg

 photo hin11_zps0dyxdahf.jpg

 photo hin12_zpsbrjpjtby.jpg

 photo hin13_zps2rrtncj4.jpg

 photo hin14_zpsflionxyn.jpg

As simple as this TSX is, this was one of my favorites at the show simply because it’s SO CLEAN!

 photo hin15_zpszvav8atk.jpg

 photo hin16_zpsssmgxx4s.jpg

Mugen’d out Type R.

 photo hin17_zpszldfpmqh.jpg

This old school Subaru pickup had a nice crowd around it at one point.

 photo hin19_zpslvspuxzu.jpg

 photo hin20_zps3rqbkuen.jpg

 photo hin18_zpsmwtppwrh.jpg

Couple of famous Bay Area Lexuses.

 photo hin22_zpshs60rqfh.jpg

 photo hin21_zps6vwoo5pz.jpg

V6 powered.

 photo hin23_zpswftuxon3.jpg

 photo hin26_zps4pamg4tl.jpg

 photo osakaef_zpsapdmyez8.jpg

The Osaka JDM EF was another favorite of mine.

 photo hin24_zpsr87j3ftk.jpg

An finally, Stephanie and the Chibi Cars group were also out and about.

 photo hin25_zpsq8ce1uw6.jpg

And that’ll do it folks! I know there were A TON of cars I missed that were post worthy, but the sun was setting fast and I had no external flash with me……until next time! Thanks for looking!

[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 6 End]

Finally! Eleven days after the event, I’m done with the coverage! Although I missed a ton of cars, I’m pretty satisfied with all the photos I got, and I appreciate everyone for checking out the photos here, on Instagram, and on Facebook. Now, I’m getting ready to go through the Hot Import Nights photos which shouldn’t take half as long as the Wekfest stuff. So stay tuned, and enjoy the last of the Wekfest coverage after the break.

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo chibiz_zpssttj25cj.jpg

Alright, gonna start this post off with the Inspire 350Z by the ChibiCars booth. Love the Amuse kit on Work VS-XX.

 photo altezza1_zpsa5xef3bj.jpg

There were a few pretty clean IS300/Altezzas present.

 photo altezza_zpsf06mzp7p.jpg

 photo widelexus_zpsjoy65sb7.jpg

 photo wideis_zpslfozxy7o.jpg

 photo is300_zpsvwvaqsyp.jpg

 photo equip05_zpsbch2jfz6.jpg

This was definitely one of the more interesting builds at the show, V8 powered and all.

 photo 2jz_zpshckqyzax.jpg

Gorgeous 2JZ off the GS from the previous post.

 photo 11375766_1480417682251633_1652655202_n1_zpsq7ma0pu1.jpg

F12 on gold Ryft Design wheels.

 photo fd3s_zpsq08hjfyv.jpg

 photo blkap2_zpsomgfb4up.jpg

Loved these two murderers.

 photo s14blue_zpsctk6jhbu.jpg

Simple and extremely clean Kouki S14.

 photo slammedsti_zps5bsuekgl.jpg

One of many GRBs in attendance, this one rocking some beautiful ZE40s.

 photo iscoupe_zpsia7icp2p.jpg

IS all the way from Texas.

 photo whtdc2_zpsl5kydlf1.jpg


 photo sorcery1_zps41ldkrw6.jpg

 photo sorcery2_zps509w88r0.jpg

 photo sorcery_zpsiwli161t.jpg

Brandon’s sexy S2000 rocking my old Sorcery front end.

 photo sl_zps09ndi9vg.jpg

 photo s2kquarter_zps3hf144gs.jpg

I love the SLs and everything else on this car.

 photo cr_zpsndqft0ba.jpg

Another S2000. This one slammed to the ground on BBS RS.

 photo dcfront_zpsyqajmujr.jpg

One more look at this 4DR DC2 engine bay.

 photo blkspeedelement_zpssyphssx0.jpg

And finally, the Speed Element lineup of sexy Evos and STis, starting with this Ings +1 kitted Evo on Volk TE37RT.

 photo voltexsubie_zps6xlaiv07.jpg

Voltex STi on TE37SLs.

 photo varisx_zps4eqbzjev.jpg

Varis Evo X.

 photo smurfevo_zpszxvdnyog.jpg

Varis Evo VIII.

 photo boosted_zpsmrrr6nul.jpg

Love this one on Advan GTs.

 photo stis_zpsqz3okzmw.jpg

And two of the best Subarus in the Bay Area.

 photo sti_zps9mddhdw4.jpg

 photo ets_zpsribtha7y.jpg

This Hawkeye is probably my favorite Subaru on the West Coast.

 photo bugeye_zpswx8cbd2g.jpg

 photo whtbug_zpslnqqokqu.jpg

 photo advangtwht_zpscfs3lnf1.jpg

 photo mature_zpstbv0h8rx.jpg

This Mature Bugeye is also among my favorites especially with the updated look in the white Advan GTs.

Ok guys, so that about wraps it up for the Wekfest SJ coverage. Thank you again for coming through and checking out the site, and stay tuned for a little Hot Import Nights Bay Area coverage in the next few days!

[Event Coverage] Wekfest SJ 2015 [Part 5]

Continuing right along from my last post, it looks like I have a few more photos to go through so part 6 is gonna be in the works. In the mean time, check out this part for some more Wekfest eye candy!

Photos by Marco Mo

 photo fd2_zpsuxkzdqee.jpg

Starting the post off with this sexy J’s Racing FD2 from the Inspire guys.

 photo evileye_zpsxyh6avdz.jpg

 photo racex_zpsfsixjcs0.jpg

Evil X on TE37RTs.

 photo redfrs_zpsf16nog9p.jpg

Another Rocket Bunny FRS.

 photo voltex9_zpsuh9bri96.jpg

This Voltex Evo is one of the staples of nearly all Bay Area shows.

 photo silversti_zpsowl7qg8s.jpg

 photo silversti2_zpswea7iwz5.jpg

The Inspire guys had a ton of cars out including this Karlton-flared STi.

 photo newis_zpsglgseiqx.jpg

Lexus IS with Lexon goodies slammed on Airrex suspension.

 photo hondas_zpsobkydcgt.jpg

Clean Acuras and Hondas were bountiful.

 photo osakajdm_zpscwqff2t1.jpg

 photo bseries_zpsgj0t0rvu.jpg

The Osaka JDM EF was on of the cleanest in the show.

 photo blu_zpsqiz8aa0n.jpg

 photo evowheels_zpsvmdiwgnb.jpg

Evo x SSR Wheels x 326 Power.

 photo cwest_zpsesznnmcp.jpg

 photo delsol_zpsltgzuwn2.jpg

Seen these two in previous shows; love them both, respectively.

 photo bluesubie_zpszgvaz1lr.jpg

GRB on Work D9R.

 photo ducati_zpsdkbi5kh6.jpg

I LOVE Ducatis.

 photo 180sx_zpsrboxnwe1.jpg

Rocket Bunny 180sx looking fabulous.

 photo 458_zpswjireox5.jpg

Went from a Rocket Bunny/Overtake GTR to a 458 on Advan GT……not bad at all.

 photo bests14_zps3a0bznei.jpg

This is hands down one of the cleanest S14 ever built.

 photo e46m3_zpsdixh6ntx.jpg

E46 M3 on Mag Blue TE37.

 photo gs_zpsr9jrzfjd.jpg

2JZ’d GS on this month’s Super Street cover!

 photo itr_zpswvavnypg.jpg

Super super clean ITR at the Chronicles booth.

 photo blkm4_zpsa136j5yr.jpg

And…..finishing off this post with the West Collective guys from Socal starting with Thanh Le’s 4-Series on TE37SLs.

 photo stancena1_zpsdjsl7wt9.jpg

NSX dropped perfectly on CE28s.

 photo westrsx_zpsfsbwlcgq.jpg

Another perfectly executed car from West Collective in this gorgeous DC5.

 photo mugenep_zpsvvmuwgqp.jpg

 photo ep3_zpssknicgy8.jpg

 photo te37sl_zpsjvojakhs.jpg

And ending this post with the long forgotten Civic in the EP3, although this Mugen example represents the few that are clean as fuck!

Stay tuned for one more post on Wekfest SJ!!!