The GT Auto Concepts Huracan

I’m finally going through my photos from Saturday’s Cars and Croissants meet at Santana Row, so be on the look out for some photos on here in a day or two. But before I post those up, I wanna get these GT Auto Concepts’ Huracan shots up first cause it was my favorite car at the event. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the P1, the 918, and a host of other cars there, but a nicely modified Lamborghini definitely gets my pick as the best.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo huracan_zpsxxraxs1s.jpg

I’ve actually seen photos of this Huracan before but it was definitely much better seeing it in person. All the extra carbon fiber and the sheer aggressiveness of this car makes it stand out from the rest.

 photo lambo2_zpsgprkgyk5.jpg

Ryft Design wheels have been making waves on some heavy hitting cars lately.

 photo lambo1_zps1mmx8zql.jpg

 photo lambo3_zpsgf3d6djj.jpg

 photo lambo4_zpsm504qtjv.jpg

This Lambo literally looks good from every angle.

 photo lambo5_zpsaupmlt19.jpg

Studie.AG M4

Ever since the F82 M4 came out I’ve been in love! And even with such a new platform, there’s been a host of nicely modded examples throughout the world. One of these examples is this Studie.AG built M4 from Japan!

Photos via MINKARA

 photo b1_zpsngy6mt9x.jpg

 photo b3_zps2jnyhqzo.jpg

Gorgeous Hyper Forged wheels sets this M4 off nicely.

 photo b6_zpsijswrcx3.jpg

 photo b2_zps68k9phe5.jpg

Lovin’ the carbon treatment as well.

 photo b4_zpsy8ym0ri2.jpg

 photo b5_zpsfxjfsr2q.jpg

Rounding out the rear is an Eisenmann exhaust system.

The Silver Lining: 800HP R33 GTR

I can probably speak for the majority of the car community and say that the R33 GTR is probably the least favorite Skyline among us car enthusiasts. But, with some proper aftermarket help, the chunky R33 can be just as formidable as its brethrens.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo g1_zpsk0evbvxf.png

This R33 is a fine example of exactly what I’m talking about.

 photo g2_zpstbjcnbdd.png

Exterior wise, it’s got just the right amount of flair to give it that aggressive look thanks to the Auto Select treatment up front.

 photo g3_zpsfs20ybzo.png

 photo g6_zpsbdxus18v.png

Them classic bronze Volk Racing TE37 always makes a statement with any car.

 photo g4_zps2pruflhr.png

 photo g5_zpsqj5xhaba.png

The rest of the car is kept relatively simple as far as exterior is concerned.

 photo g7_zpsrycednzw.png

The real treat of this car is under the bonnet of course. We’re talking N1 block and Tomei internals stroked to 2.7L, and a Trust (Greddy) T88-34D turbocharger capable of 800+HPs. That’s enough ponies to move any car!

 photo g8_zps3mzjjvjf.png

 photo g9_zpslty7iy37.png

Interior wise, it’s rockin’ dual Recaro SR3 recliners, HKS and Blitz electronics, and a MOMO Jet steering wheel among other tidbits.

WedsSport x Voltex STi

The WedsSport Black Blue Machine finish is one of my favorite available from any wheel manufacturer but not every car can rock this color properly. However, that it is definitely not the case here with this gorgeous Voltex STi, cause the BBM SA55Ms look amazing with Subaru’s World Rally Blue.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo ec5fa1bd76_zpsqkbkf4fj.jpg

 photo 57be93f683_zpsafpivqwy.jpg

 photo 6522f66bb5_zps7yyqqopp.jpg

 photo 823ccd97d1_zpsibse1rq0.jpg

 photo p1 1_zpscwn7gwe2.jpg

For Love of Scaled Models #3: R33 GTR x BBS LM

I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with the details and customization on scaled models these days. You can literally build any car down to scale and have the parts and stance to go with it…… and that’s fucking awesome.

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

This 1/18 scaled R33 is as bad ass as they come; rocking some re barreled LMs and a killer fitment…who knew model cars can look this good!

 photo g3_zpsgfbwryxv.png

 photo g5_zpspyzu642y.png

 photo g6_zpscaifzq2a.png

 photo g4_zpsuexiou5l.png

 photo g1_zpsgcocezon.png

 photo g2_zpsqncrrtpp.png

One of a Kind 180SX

With so many 240s and 180s out there these days, it’s kinda hard to make one standout from another, unless you’re TM Car Body Shop. The Japanese tuning shop has managed to take an Origin kitted 180SX, put a host of carbon fiber add-ons with it, and made it a one of a kind RPS13.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo n1_zpsgxk0vyih.jpg

Aggressive is key in this 180SX!

 photo n2_zps4ymygp9r.jpg

 photo p7_zpsc8fsvlk3.jpg

These TE37Vs are brand new additions to the car, and it looks proper as fuck!

 photo p4_zpsqy7iozpf.jpg

 photo p6_zpsfv5hqhks.jpg

400HP GP Sports S15

This gorgeous GP Sports S15 Spec-R is another fresh offering from Japanese automotive re-seller, Global Auto. For roughly 12,400 USD, this 400 HP Silvia could be yours!

Photos via Yahoo Auctions

 photo s1_zpslb1xziwc.png

Similar to many other Japanese tuned automobiles, this S15 is rockin’ nothing but authentic products. One quick look, and you can recognize the relatively subtle GP Sports kit throughout the whole car.

 photo s2_zpsfauvyewa.png

 photo s3_zps7sp64cjc.png

 photo s4_zpskuqr5fjl.png

Other notable exterior components include a Silk Road diffuser, Varis carbon hood, and a Nismo wing mated to a G Corporation trunk lid.

 photo s5_zpscqsqtyay.png

And of course the main exterior component is a set of Prodrive GC010E wheels sized in 18×8.5 +22 and 18×9.5 +25, respectively.

 photo s6_zpsctfgz11a.png

Under the bonnet is a 2.2L SR20 fitted with a HKS GT-RS turbocharger producing the aforementioned 400 HPs!

 photo s7_zpslnmnxwty.png

Interior wise, it’s all business with Recaro RS-G SK2 and SR7-F seats as well as a MOMO/Works Bell steering unit.

 photo s9_zpsxe7rijn1.png

 photo s10_zpslgwbaf0b.png

Defi gauges and a Kenwood Navi also adorn the beautiful interior.

 photo s8_zpsh8vxszlw.png