2015 HKS Premium Day [ Short Post ]

These are some of the cleanest shots I’ve seen from HKS Premium Day! I know a lot of pro shop and other notable cars are missing from the photo set, but what the photographer DID take was pretty sick none the less.

Photos via MINKARA <——- Make sure you guys click this link for more photos!

 photo p1_zpsa5203696.jpg


 photo p8_zpsb6e8f1ba.jpg

 photo p22_zps99480f8e.jpg

Liberty Walk always making a statement.

 photo p23_zps0b90cd18.jpg


 photo p12_zps2d06ec12.jpg

Tactical Art/Phaze2 Japan S2k.

 photo p3_zps11330253.jpg

Pretty clean 3 series!

 photo p41_zps7ff6fcfd.jpg

 photo p24_zpse1c1ad38.jpg

 photo p42_zps66666ac9.jpg

Kuhl Racing Design GTR.

 photo p71_zps6d61dea6.jpg

Spoon Sport NSX.

 photo p7_zpseea11cca.jpg

 photo p6_zpsbba59808.jpg

 photo p4_zps0d61f779.jpg

 photo p5_zps25ddcdba.jpg

Level One S2K.

 photo p51_zpscfb791e4.jpg

 photo p81_zpsb6ac499c.jpg

 photo p82_zps0a51da47.jpg

A Breath of Fresh Air: One Flawless STi Type RA

You know, these days when you stumble upon modified Subarus, more likely than not, they’re rolling on some knock off wheels looking for that concaveness. Of course, everyone is entitled to mod their cars however they please, but when I see cars done right like this ultra rare GM8 STi Type RA, I gotta give it props! You won’t see any knock offs with this car, just authenticity throughout.

Photos via FLICKR

 photo 15683994884_93333d60ce_h_zps6b21e248.jpg

 photo 16361648722_964f80a1d4_h_zps9a92c435.jpg

 photo 16362543135_a4a1e9ca35_h_zps1b5b6f24.jpg

 photo 16362544145_766e72b403_h_zps66b4ed28.jpg

 photo 16174930678_213b174eac_h_zpsbfddb439.jpg

 photo 15573274763_f41f90397b_b_zps8de29618.jpg

Authenticity just looks so much better.

 photo 15873835530_9c675911cf_h_zps9b64a661.jpg

Even the intake is genuine Zerosports product.

Smurf Roadster: M&M Racing S2000

Chances are, you’ve probably had a glimpse of M&M Honda Racing’s new wide body kit for the S2000 which debuted recently. It’s definitely a love it or hate it thing, but its resemblance to the Rocket Bunny kits are uncanny. So, if you like overfenders and rivets, than most likely you’ll like this kit. Overall, I personally think that this kit fits the S2000 quite nicely as there aren’t any Rocket Bunny products available for this model and it’s definitely something different from the Amuse, the J’s Racing, the Tracy Sports, etc wide bodies.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via Flickr

 photo mm2_zpsf2295421.jpg

 photo mm1_zps466df210.jpg

 photo 16361056412_eedbc8607e_k_zps89f01082.jpg

 photo 16361055862_ec54fb7e9e_k_zps8c550bf5.jpg

 photo 15741987833_867f1f6c98_k_zps8c670ae8.jpg

 photo 16361953985_b2661b613c_k_zpsbd686af5.jpg

 photo 16174583520_d4d61404a0_k_zpsd7f0a233.jpg

Nissan Confusion: The G180Z

Alright, we’ve all seen cars (ricers) with mismatched body panels and tail/headlights sourced from all kinds of cars. Usually these cars are pretty hideous and the more mismatched they get, typically, the worst they are. But what if I told you a 180sx can have a G35 AND 370Z exterior, while still looking pretty damn good!?

You’d most likely laugh right?

Maybe not……..

Photos via MINKARA

 photo e62b6e74e3_zps8fc6caf6.jpg

You know, I’m not the one to be fond of mismatching car parts and all that but I must say that this 180sx is executed perfectly.

 photo 7fe56f096f_zpseda52c0d.jpg