Black and White Amemiya

Global Auto of Osaka, Japan is one of those dealers that always delivers some of the finest tuned cars on the planet. They specialize mostly in GTRs of all ages but they do offer a host of other makes and models as well. Boy do I wish we had auto dealers like this in the States but with all our regulations and what nots, this can only be a dream to us. Anyways, one of their latest offerings is this mint RE-Amemiya FD on Enkei RPF1s!

Photos via Global Auto

 photo r1_1.jpg

Love the gorgeous RE GT-AD kit on this RX7.

 photo r2_1.jpg

 photo r3_1.jpg

The RPF1s match pretty damn well with this car.

 photo r6_1.jpg

 photo r5_1.jpg

 photo r4_1.jpg

The famous Car Shop Glow tails adorn the rear end.

 photo r7_1.jpg

Under the hood; rebuilt stock twins with upgrades from SARD and TRUST.

 photo r8_1.jpg

 photo r9.jpg

Interior wise, lots of CARROZZERIA entertainment bits as well as Sparco steering and Recaro SR3 recliners.

Red Hot Rotary Bunny

The Rocket Bunny FD kit have definitely taken off in popularity since its introduction. But like all exterior work, it takes the right combination of parts to stand out from the crowd. Enter Bunny number one.

Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

 photo 22847565736_fbfaeb917a_k_zpsaupjbfmk.jpg

Out of all the RB FDs out there today, this red example from Japan ranks as one of the best in execution.

 photo 22884700011_b1a5c13f9e_k_zps52ccvhi9.jpg

 photo 22873550485_883b935427_k_zpssqouq4uz.jpg

 photo 22250779314_9ae74e91c3_k_zpsgfhk1f9s.jpg

The ride height and wheel fitment on this thing is amazing to say the least.

 photo 22884669861_413ff5008b_k_zpskgkkxypj.jpg

 photo 22847544036_311665b276_k_zpspw6npdio.jpg

Work Meister M1 is a perfect choice for this car…

 photo 22873514515_557f91e121_k_zpsz83dgihr.jpg

As Good As It Gets: Big Power R32

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Nissan R32 have been around for over 25 years now. And the great thing about it is that it’s technically legal in the States now, but the bad thing is it’s 25 years old…that’s almost antique in this day and age. But like with all material things, if you keep it in good running order, it can still look brand spanking new after years of use. Case in point, this immaculate 1990 R32 GTR.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo r1_zpsmfrz5r5u.jpg

This is by far one of the cleanest R32s I have ever seen before, and the fact that it’s modified just solidifies how rare this example is. Cause we all know good and well that modified cars tend to deteriorate a lot quicker than stock counterparts.

 photo r2_zpsvgecytg8.jpg

 photo r5_zpskkc3lwcw.jpg

I love that the exterior has a minimalist feel to it, just a nice subtle drop and R35 brakes surrounded by some ever so popular TE37SLs.

 photo r4_zpsw84mop1i.jpg

 photo r3_zpsutfwciwz.jpg

The back side is all stock except for a huge Trust exhaust protruding out the back.

 photo r6_zpsqnqrhbno.jpg

Under the hood is an extremely clean set up capable of 800+HPs courtesy of HKS internals stroking the RB26 to 2.7L and that ginormous Trust T88-34D turbine.

 photo r7_zps86uyqlzi.jpg

 photo r8_zpsgdmnrl7t.jpg

On the interior side, it’s also kept super clean with just the necessities. We’ve got a host of gauges to keep everything in running order, and upgraded seats with Bride ZETA III on the driver side as well as Bride GIAS II recliner for the passenger side