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86 Brothers

Alright, when I say brother, I’m talking about the cars. Just wanted to clarify before I go on. Anyways, I had the chance to do a quick shoot last week of two of arguably the cleanest BRZ/FRS in the Central Valley. A quick glance at these two and you’d probably question yourself about why these two are so special. This is where we take a closer examination…

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo 86edit5small.jpg

As I said earlier, from far away, these two seems extremely mild and tame.

 photo 86edit1small.jpg

But as you take a closer look at the cars, it becomes clear that these two are special.

 photo 86edit12small.jpg

 photo 86edit7small.jpg

No fakes in the foot work department thanks to Volk Racing ZE40 and SSR GTV02, respectively.

 photo 86edit10small.jpg

 photo 86edit11small.jpg

Details, details, details! It’s all about the details! The BRZ is rocking some legit JDM parts in a set of TRD dry carbon winglets, and Zele Performance titanium exhaust among other JDM goods.

 photo 86edit8small.jpg

 photo 86edit9small.jpg

In the full body shots, you’ll notice a nice exterior combo of C-West sides and rears that goes quite well with the S-Craft front lip and Wasp splitter arrangement.

 photo 86edit3small.jpg

On the FRS end, a super balling Zele Performance aero treatment adorn the exterior.

 photo 86edit6small.jpg

One more tandem shot.

 photo 86edit2small.jpg

And a close up of the details.

 photo 86edit4small.jpg

And finally, a duel.

Mild & Classy: Ross Abrina’s Street-Spec BRZ

Can’t believe I’ve had this website up and running for over six years now and I gotta admit, I’ve gotten a bit lazy with updates and stuff. But every now and then I still find the motivation to update the site with some new posts. One of the things that motivates me to continue to blog and write on here is when I see my friends modify their cars in a way that correlate to what this brand is all about; Function, Form, and most importantly, Authenticity. And to demonstrate these three points, here one of my latest shoot of a mildly tuned BRZ owned my a very good friend of mine from the Central Valley.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

I’ve been told that there are a lot of plans for this car, and it actually have some new parts installed since this shoot, so be on the look out for a re-shoot sometime soon.

 photo brz4small.jpg

 photo brz5small.jpg

 photo brz3small.jpg

When I say authentic, I MEAN authentic. Just the front end alone, you can spot out a Wasp Composite splitter and a pair of Cleib carbon canards. (An S Craft front lip has been added since this shoot)

 photo brz6small.jpg

A set of SSR GTV02 to upgrade the stock footwork.

 photo brz7small.jpg

To further solidify the authenticity of parts on this car is a duel exit titanium Zele exhaust.

 photo brz2small.jpg

The rest of the exterior is complemented by C-West CFRP side skirts and rear half spoiler, along with a host of small tidbits like Tom’s tail lights and TRD carbon winglets.

 photo brz1small.jpg

And one more full body shot to wrap up this gorgeous mildly tuned BRZ.

A Bug’s Life: Chris Shuemake’s RHD WRX [2016 Edition]

It’s been three years since I’ve last shot Chris’ immaculate Subaru, so I thought it was time for a refresher. One of the things that I love about this build is that it’s always changing and gets better every time these changes are made. I know Chris has had this car for years and it’s really great to see someone put so much time and effort into the same car for such a long time. Most builders these days tend to just put mods together, call it done, and sell the car. It’s really an art when it comes to building cars because anybody can throw parts together, but it really takes time and knowledge to refine your build to make each phase better and better.

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo chris5small.jpg

 photo chris4small.jpg

One of the newest addition to this Bugeye is the extremely rare Mature front bumper.

 photo chris6small.jpg

Other notable parts that complete the front end include JDM projectors and the infamous ARC intercooler.

 photo chris9small.jpg

 photo chris8small.jpg

Footwork courtesy of Brembos and Volk Racing TE37SLs.

 photo chris7small.jpg

The C-West side skirts surprising matches pretty well with the Mature front.

 photo chris12small.jpg

 photo chris11small.jpg

I love all the details of this car like the Spec-C roof vent.

 photo chris13small.jpg

 photo chris14small.jpg

Moving towards the back end is again some new additions starting with the Mature diffuser, and also the Varis carbon spoiler. And to the trained Subaru eyes, tail lamps from a 04-07 generation Impreza gives this car an updated look.

 photo chris10small.jpg

Bride buckets adorn the fully converted RHD interior.

 photo chris15small.jpg

Center pods with Defi gauges are a must for any Subarus.

 photo chris3small.jpg

A gorgeous Nardi steering wheel wraps up the long list of interior upgrades.

 photo chris2small.jpg

A couple more shots to close out this post. Thanks for stopping by as always and stay tuned for more! (There was another car present at this shoot)

 photo chris1bsmall.jpg

You guys can also check out the old shoot of this Bugeye by clicking on the link below!

——–> https://momohitsthespot.com/2013/05/28/redefining-jdm-chris-shuemakes-rhd-bugeye/