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Spocom SF 2017 [MoMo’s Top Picks Part 2]

I’ve been attending local car shows (Bay Area) for close to a decade now and I think it’s finally time to call it quits as it’s becoming more repetitive than inspirational. Sure, there are still some great builds popping up from time to time but these are becoming few and far between. This notion that good builds are few and far between was evident at Spocom this past weekend where it actually felt more like a meet than a show. Of course, I can’t blame the hosts as they’re more focused on the business aspect of things but for a spectator like me, the show left me with much more to be desired.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I’ve made a point before that I’m not a huge fan of wide bodies and rivets but for certain cars it works pretty well. A Rocket Bunny CLK is a good example.

RCF on TE37SLs looks tidy.

I love this E46 M3 on BBS E88 along with some Varis bits.

The C5 Z06 is actually one of my favorite American cars. Looks even better on CCW Classics.

A couple of Japanese classics.

Clean examples of 300ZXs are so rare these days so it was refreshing to see a few good ones out there. This particular one was on some rare magnesium Nismo LMGTs.

This STi is a staple at every Bay Area show.

Finishing this post off with two of my favorites at the show. An Advance NSX and a J’s Racing Type-S S2000… both coincidentally on black CE28Ns.

So that’s about all that really caught my eyes at the show, I know there’s probably a few more cars that I’ve missed but I think I’ve got the majority of nice builds covered. Until next time…


Wekfest VIII [Event Coverage Part 1]

Been slacking on posting up the Wekfest SJ photos for the past couple of weeks, but I’m finally putting some up! I’ll have a more in depth write-up in the next part which will include some constructive criticism because I think it’s needed. But anyways, here’s a few shots to get the ball rolling.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo wek10.jpg

 photo wek9.jpg

Noticed I didn’t get a full shot of the Fugu Z but did manage to get some details of it.

 photo wek6.jpg

 photo wek7.jpg

 photo wek17.jpg

Favorite Evo at the show; crazy setup inside and out.

 photo wek12.jpg

 photo wek11.jpg

A couple of clean GTRs at the show.

 photo wek3.jpg

The infamous Sellout Supply NSX from Arizona.

 photo wek13.jpg

Gorgeous Cayman GT4 on Advan GTs.

 photo wek15.jpg

 photo wek14.jpg

Speed Element Evos.

 photo wek16.jpg

RB 370Z on Meister S1.

 photo wek18.jpg

This Voltex Evo is a staple at every show.

 photo wek19.jpg

 photo wek27.jpg

Super clean DC5 sitting on some deep Work wheels.

 photo wek2.jpg

 photo wek23.jpg

 photo wek26.jpg

Another favorite of mine from the show, the M&M Honda Racing wide body DC5.

 photo wek24.jpg

This WRX had a ton of JDM goodies in its parts list.

 photo wek22.jpg

DC2s had a strong showing, which is typical in every show.

 photo wek20.jpg

This J Swap Accord was pretty interesting.

 photo wek21.jpg

 photo wek25.jpg

And a couple of slammed S2ks to round out this portion of the coverage!

86 Brothers

Alright, when I say brother, I’m talking about the cars. Just wanted to clarify before I go on. Anyways, I had the chance to do a quick shoot last week of two of arguably the cleanest BRZ/FRS in the Central Valley. A quick glance at these two and you’d probably question yourself about why these two are so special. This is where we take a closer examination…

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

 photo 86edit5small.jpg

As I said earlier, from far away, these two seems extremely mild and tame.

 photo 86edit1small.jpg

But as you take a closer look at the cars, it becomes clear that these two are special.

 photo 86edit12small.jpg

 photo 86edit7small.jpg

No fakes in the foot work department thanks to Volk Racing ZE40 and SSR GTV02, respectively.

 photo 86edit10small.jpg

 photo 86edit11small.jpg

Details, details, details! It’s all about the details! The BRZ is rocking some legit JDM parts in a set of TRD dry carbon winglets, and Zele Performance titanium exhaust among other JDM goods.

 photo 86edit8small.jpg

 photo 86edit9small.jpg

In the full body shots, you’ll notice a nice exterior combo of C-West sides and rears that goes quite well with the S-Craft front lip and Wasp splitter arrangement.

 photo 86edit3small.jpg

On the FRS end, a super balling Zele Performance aero treatment adorn the exterior.

 photo 86edit6small.jpg

One more tandem shot.

 photo 86edit2small.jpg

And a close up of the details.

 photo 86edit4small.jpg

And finally, a duel.