Zowie Auto Studio Impreza @ Attack Tsukuba 2020

Ooooooooooo, I’m actually pretty excited to write this post cause this was one of my favorite cars that I saw at Attack Tsukuba a couple weeks ago. I don’t know what it is, but somehow when I see Japanese time attack Subarus I almost always instantly fall in love with them. Maybe it’s because they’re such a rare sight over there and they’re usually done up to my liking… either way, I found myself coming back to this Bugeye throughout the day and I managed to snap a good amount of photos of it. So, I hope you guys enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed taking the photos!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I remember when the Bugeye first came out there was a lot of hate associated with the look… but fast forward to this day and age, and I’d say there’s definitely a lot more appreciation for it. Also, I’m usually not a huge fan of exposed carbon pieces, unless the whole car is carbon fiber, but I really like the look on this car.

This was a typical scene for a lot of guys at Tsukuba… carrying their own weight.

The engine bay looked relatively stock and the turbo was still in the stock position, so I’m estimating power output in the 350-400HP at the most.

I thought this shot was kinda funny…

Extra set of wheels just in case ya know? They’re Enkei ES Tarmac wheels if you were wondering.

A closer look at the front quarter and wheels.

The car is capable of sub-minute lap times but for Attack Tsukuba 2020, it only managed to put down a 1’00.110; a little over half a second slower than its personal best.

Rounding out the post with a few shots toward the end of the day… packed up, gassed up, license plate back on (you didn’t notice that did you?), and ready to drive back home!

Remember to check back often for more photos from Tsukuba! See you guys then.

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