[FEATURE] Gone Krazy: Ross Abrina’s Varis Kamikaze BRZ

I’m sitting here staring at my computer screen, contemplating what I should write because it’s been so long since I’ve shot a car for a feature that I’m kinda drawing a blank as to what I want to say. A part of me wants to talk shit because this post involves an 86 and as we all know, there’s an interminable dross in that community of cars with so many “enthusiasts” focused on gaining social media fame and sponsorships than building a proper car. Sure, everyone has different tastes and views on what they want to do with their cars, but I’m here to tell you that many people out there have shitty tastes and blurred vision… it’s a harsh reality but it’s the honest truth. I can never understand why people would sacrifice quality just to save a little money or time when it comes to building their cars because this hobby we all know and love is and should be expensive. Of course, there’s always the handful of enthusiasts that does things right which can result in creations like this BRZ you see here that was created with persistence, passion, and patience.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

As the title suggests, the owner of this car is Ross Abrina, who’s also a great friend of mine for over a decade now. When I first met him, I remember he was driving a SR-swapped RPS13 that was on Tenzo-Rs with rubber band tires. I always made fun of him for that shit but now I can only admire the beauty that is the Varis Kamikaze 86 he built for the better part of four years. Oh… how times have changed…

I was fighting some pretty harsh lighting for this impromptu shoot taken right after the Norcal 86 Summer Kick Off event but we had to do with what we had cause we don’t see each other often and we live three hours apart.

Besides throwing money into this money pit, Ross also spends money stocking up collectibles for his toy shop, so if you’re into action figures and stuff be sure to check his site out! -> ADDICTED COLLECTIBLES

A combo of Volk Racing 18×10.5 +11 TE37RTs wrapped with Toyo R888 plus Brembo GT brakes makes for the perfect footwork for a nice track day!

Ruined or not… I’ll let you guys decide.

The back quarter view is probably my favorite of this car, which by the way is painted Nardo Grey in case you were wondering.

Details are important in every great build; details like the Craftsquare mirrors really tests your patience and passion since it’s an item that’s back ordered for months and can easily be substituted.

This car sure looks the part on the outside, but does it play the part on the inside??? Short answer… yes it does!

The motor makes a healthy 380HPs to the wheels thanks to a Full Blown turbo kit and E85 injection.

The Varis kit is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, the full Kamikaze kit with rear diffuser and rear spoiler costs an arm and a leg, but on the other you can mix-match pieces and the result will still be stunning… although it’ll still cost you an arm.

I understand that different people have different budgets and needs but I must urge everyone out there to do their research when it comes to their cars and use their money wisely on some quality products. There’s a ton of great products out there that fits every budget and every build, you just have to LOOK!

Speaking of look… thanks for looking and checking out this post! Until next time…

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