Autostrada Subaru GC8 @ Attack Tsukuba 2019

Big power and big aero… two things that are synonymous to the world of time attack. Well, maybe not big power since many time attackers can put down blistering lap times with minimal power, but big aero is almost certainly a must! Often times the evolution of a time attack car occurs around the aerodynamic department because as we all know, grip is one of the most important factors in turning out fast lap times and downforce plays a crucial role in creating grip. But not everyone follows this “law” of time attack… enter Naoki Takigashira and his Autostrada Subaru GC8.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I fell in love with Naoki’s GC8 when I saw it in the Speedhunters article a few years back. To me, it’s one of the most distinctive time attack cars in all of Japan because of its lack of conventional time attack attire. The car looks almost factory, and that’s a beautiful thing.

With pretty much no aerodynamic upgrades sans widen fenders, this car truly relies on its mechanical grip which is most certainly dialed to perfection.

Team work makes the dream work. I noticed a lot of privateers still had an abundance of extra help around the paddock area.

Naoki heading to the back paddock area after a midday run.

Naoki was kind enough to let me peruse around his car during its down time. We’ve been following each other on social media for awhile now so it was nice to finally meet in the flesh as well.

You can most likely drive this thing comfortably in Nazi California and not get mugged or pulled over by the cops. Don’t get me wrong, I love my state, but it’s pretty shitty for car enthusiasts…

This is probably my favorite shot from the set as it shows off the beautiful and simplistic lines of the car really well. It’s crazy to think that this car is still running the OEM spoiler because a GT wing is most certainly a must on all time attack cars… but that would be a travesty on this beauty.

The car managed a best time of 58.853 at Attack 2019. It’s a bit off it’s personal best of 57.963 but I was told that he’s gonna aim for 56s or even 55s! So, only time will tell when those lap times fall, and I have the utmost confidence that they will fall very soon.

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