[EVENT] Super Lap Battle 2019 Part 2

Hello Hello! I hope all of you had a fantastic 2019 and a drunken new year celebration! But you guys better be sobered up cause I got some more Super Lap Battle photos for you guys to check out. During day two of the event I moved around quite a bit so most of the shots here are action shots with just a few static shots here and there. Speaking of action shots, my girlfriend bought me a new Nikon 70-200mm lens for my birthday so hopefully the quality of my panning shots will improve for future events! Also, before I get in on the photos, I just wanna say that for the many years I’ve attended Super Lap Battle, this was the first time that I’ve stayed overnight at nearby Buttonwillow… Let me just say, I don’t know how some of the guys do it cause the room I stayed in was musty and clearly needs a remodel. Maybe I chose the wrong place to stay but I’m gonna think twice before I stay over at Buttonwillow again. That said, this was also the first time I tried the famous BBQ from Willow Ranch, and THAT did not disappoint! If you haven’t tried out Willow Ranch, you gotta try it if you head out to Buttonwillow and make sure to get the brisket and beef ribs! Anyways, story time is over and let’s get the ball rolling on the last part of the SLB photos…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The EVS Tuning clad A90 showed up for day two with Dai Yoshihara piloting the car for the day. I loved the subtle look of the car with the EVS kit and Titan7 wheels.

The MTAGA Subaru STi is a car I’m super familiar with since I’ve seen it compete under AQ Motorsports way back in the early 2010’s.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of U.S. based time attack GTRs but the revamped RD Engineering/Pit Garage R35 looked absolutely fantastic! The car also performed very well this year as it placed first in Limited Class with a quick 1:45.692.

Another super quick car on grid was the Caliber Customs C5 Corvette which placed second in Unlimited Class with a 1:43.253 lap time.

Couple more A90 Supras waiting on grid…

I kept coming back to this car cause it’s so nice… at least to me anyways.

The Canadian Yume Sports brought out their Honda CTR and Toyota Supra that competed in Street Class. The CTR faired better than the A90 finishing the event with a 1:55.271 compared to 1:57.411.

A couple more shots of the STi getting ready to head out for some hot laps.

The Hoonigan 135 turned 1M looking gorgeous waiting in the pits.

One more of the Enthusiast Class A90. This car finished second in class with a 1:58.405 lap time.

Can you believe these were the fastest and slowest car in Unlimited Class? Well it was because the Supra had some modifications that placed it in the wrong class. Either way, the A90 did a 1:57.616 with ECU issues hampering it from completing a faster time.

From here, I’m gonna close up the post with some action shots, so hope you guys enjoy!

The old Snail Performance Bugeye had multitude of issues during the event which sidelined the car on multiple occasions…

Off roading in a NSX!??

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