AQ Motorsports STi @ GTA Super Lap Battle 2018

2010… that was the last time I saw the JC Meynet/AQ Motorsports sponsored STi compete at Super Lap Battle. This whole time I thought the car was parted out, sold off, retired, or something in between. But lo and behold, eight years later, the car is still intact and actually received some upgrades since the last time I laid eyes on it all those years ago. For me, it’s always nice to see a familiar car reinvigorated and compete at such a high level. And by high level, I’m talking a best time of 1:47.604 to take home a first place finish in Limited AWD class… All I can say now is, welcome back!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

From afar the car remains relatively the same all these years. But upon closer inspection, there’s actually some significant changes made through the years.

One of the biggest change to the car is the front fascia where a host of aerodynamic improvements have been made to the Zerosports bumper. Engine wise, it looks like the bay is cleaned up a bit with what looks like a new turbocharger and cooling setup. If the internals remained the same, then this thing is a 2.6L monster capable of 700+ to the wheels.

Back in the day this menacing door exit exhaust was not there…

Pretty straight forward time attack interior with lots of weight saving and functional bits.

To be honest, it’s pretty crazy that this car doesn’t look that much different than it did eight years ago, from the rear spoiler, the fenders and over fenders to the wheels (except the color) and even some of the vinyls. The car is still pretty much the same as far as looks is concerned, and that’s just fine cause why mess with a good thing…

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