[EVENT] Attack Tsukuba 2019 Part 4

Here it is! Three months later, the final part of my Attack Tsukuba coverage! This final part consists of some more shots of cars featured in previous posts as well as some new entries, so hope you guys enjoy!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Didn’t get the see the revamped “white” Material Auto Supra this year, but there was this simpler black one in attendance.

Not in competition, but spotted this gorgeous S15 sitting close to the action.

Make no mistake, S-Chassis is a thing in time attack and they hold their own against the competition! This Kouki S14 from Racing Garage RIES is a sub-minute Tsukuba attacker!

Another look at the DogFight Bodyworks’ RPS13.

Back side of the Nutec &G Corp. MR2.

This car was so popular during the event simply due to its presence and gorgeous looks, it did however, missed its target time by quite a margin finishing the day with a 1’01.047. It’s target was in the 58 second range.

Couple more shots of the Quarter Mile R33 coming into pits.

The GNR Racing Evo definitely needs a bigger spoiler… for downforce and aesthetics.

A regular at Tsukuba events, the AutoBahn R32 Type-M was just a couple tenths off its personal best this year.

The teal TE37s look stunning on the car.

The 58 second capable, Garage Kuma 180SX… yes, another S-Chassis.

What do you know… it’s another Silvia! This time it’s the Fujii Racing Naito S15, which clocked in a best time of 57.458… that’s pretty fucking fast!

A couple more shots of the Reverse R34 GTR. Don’t let its mild demeanor fool you, this car packs a tough HKS 2.8L kit rated to 600+ HPs!

The all carbon clad AutoBahn Soarer.

I said I was gonna have photos of this car in every Tsukuba post. You can tell now I wasn’t lying.

I literally took photos of this car every chance I got… I hope you guys don’t mind all these photos of it cause I sure didn’t mind staring at this all day. But good looks aside, this car packs a solid punch at 650HPs!

The Aussie JDM Yard Civic strolling through the pits. I have a couple more shots of this car later on in the post.

Another shot of the double winged Joyo Supra.

The Garage Mak S15 finished the day a bit off its fastest time this year.

The Outerplus “green” Lotus was off its best time this year but still finished with a respectable 58.535 pass.

The TiRacing Exige on the other hand, did quite well finishing the day with a new personal best of 56.894! Also, this car looks so sick with the black TEs!

At 800HPs, the Wacky Mate R32 ran a blistering 55 second flat this year… 54s, in my estimation, should be within reach this upcoming season.

Another 800HP monster was the beautiful Admix R32 GTR which also ran a 55 flat this year… but this super fast lap time is considered off pace for this car. Also new on the car this year was the full Voltex kit that gave the car a complete look!

Orange Ball x Arvou. These two S2000s is the epitome of good looks and track effectiveness. Who says you can’t race your pretty street car!

The Luck Auto Impreza wagon is pretty much as unorthodox of a time attack car as it gets. But this old and dated chassis still gets the job done, and in seriously quick fashion. We’re talking 56 second passes with aim towards 55s in the near future!

The GNR Racing EK9 is not far behind the Aslan EG as far as fastest lap time goes. I’m sure next year their lap times will be even closer to each other!

I’m usually not a huge fan of time attack Miatas cause they’re usually not very aesthetically pleasing, but the Total Car Service Usui NA is not too shabby.

The Garage Work DC5 had its sights set on a sub-minute pass this year but just came up short.

I’ll tell you who didn’t come up short though, this guy right here… it’s still crazy to think that William Au-Yeung was able to take down the overall FF record on his first time racing in Tsukuba. But then again, I’ve seen this guy drive in the U.S. and also Australia, and I can tell you he’s pretty crazy.

The man himself.

Of course, every successful racer needs a solid team behind them.

Speaking of team… this is teamwork on full display lol.

The JDM Yard team was actually pushing their car for a photo op.

Pretty cool to see these guys together. We’ll probably won’t get another chance to see these four on the track like this ever again.

Gotta take advantage of a good photo opportunity am I right!? So here’s the Aslan EG in all its glory.

And on that note, I’ve finally wrapped up my Attack Tsukuba 2019 coverage! I think this is a cause for a little celebration like having a few glasses of wine or sipping on some fine single malt… Anyways, thanks everyone who came through and checked out the coverage, I can’t wait for the next Attack season so I can be out there again capturing some more photos and perhaps seeing new records being set. But… before that happens, I have a few events Stateside that I have planned, so be on the look out for some new posts soon!

P.S. if you want to see some action shots from Attack Tsukuba, I have some up on my INSTAGRAM and my FACEBOOK!

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