[EVENT] Wekfest San Jose 2019 Top Picks

Hello, Hello! We meet again… lol. If you can’t tell, I’ve been slacking a lot on updating the site with material, but……. I do have some new stuff to post up so there’s probably gonna be a few updates here and there during the next week or so. First thing’s first though, it’s that time of year for the Wekfest stuff. I know I’m a bit late in getting these photos up since the Seattle show had just passed as well, but better late than never as many would say. This year I decided to take a bit more photos than I did last year and tried to document all the cars that really stood out to me. But after all is said and done, I think I only got about 15-20% of the cars there. I guess you can say most of these builds didn’t really appeal to me. Call me picky or judgmental, but it is what it is lol. So, without further adieu, here’s the cars that I found most appealing at the SJ show.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

August Cascade x Higgins Built… same same but different? I love that these two have such similar styles, yet completely different from one another. Most notably, the engine choice; one opted for the B-Series, and the other K-Series, both great in their own rights.

Hondas tend to be plentiful in most Wekfest shows, but few are better than others, and I’m liking this particular lineup here.

Saw this super clean EK all by its lonesome. I love the Air Walker/J’s racing combo in the aero department.

Marga Hills NSX on CE28SL.

Gorgeous Spoon themed 4dr Integra on CE28s.

Out of all the Hondas at the show, I think this 4th-gen Prelude was one of my favorite. Seeing a clean BB1/2 is rare enough, but seeing one as well built as this one….. near impossible.

Simple but authentic mods goes a long way…

4dr and 2dr counterparts. Both equally well built.

Caught in the act… It’s another Spoon themed Integra, but this time it’s a Phoenix Yellow ITR equipped with a K-Series.

Top1 Motors CTR on Desmond Regamasters… I’m still not a fan of the platform but I love the time attack-esque look on this car.

J’s Racing wide bodied S2000.

Not too many DC5s out there rocking the lovely Backyard Special front end.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… one of the best CL9 in the Bay Area. This is one of those cars that I’ve followed through the years and see the different stages of its life. So far, this is the best rendition yet.

Another super clean CL9, this one on OG bronze TE37.

Now THIS is a car that I know sees track time! This car actually have a split livery but I didn’t get a shot of its passenger side profile.

This lovely EK looks like it’s track ready as well!

The life-size Hot Wheels was present at the Greddy booth.

I think with a few upgrades a CTR can be ‘decent’ lol.

Somehow I didn’t snap a shot of my friend Hanzel’s immaculate Mugen-themed NSX… but I guess I got a shot of the engine bay.

ITR on Formula CP-Rs… this is probably as clean as any car can get.

System Motorsports CTR.

Love the fitment of the OG TEs on this NSX.

I wish this BB6 was positioned better for photos cause this car was NICE to put it mildly.

Another car that I know sees plenty of track time; the HKS CTR was also on hand for Wekfest.

This Del Sol is another one of those cars that I see often at Bay Area shows over the years. It’s probably one of the best Del Sols out there as a matter of fact.

I think I’m finally done with the Hondas! I didn’t realize how many good ones there were… anyways, on to some non-Honda stuff starting with this beautiful Varis Evo X. For some reason, this car was one of my girlfriend’s favorite in the show lol.

These are like unicorns these days especially in white… I’d know cause I was in the market for one a couple years back and it’s literally finding a needle in a haystack…

This Mini Cooper was pretty badass with a B-Series swap. I can only imagine how fun this thing is to drive!

BNR34. M-Spec.

Not normally my cup of tea but you can’t deny how clean these two Corollas are, especially given their age!

Two Subarus that are no stranger to the Bay Area car scene, and both just gets better and better with each passing year.

The Texas transplant. This WRX seems unchanged since the last time I saw it nearly two years ago in Houston, Texas.

Super clean R32 on Work Equip 01 wheels.

Lots of JDM goodies can be seen on this Voltex CT9A.

I’m not a fan of LS-swapped anything, but the rest of this RE-Amemiya clad FD3S was pretty fantastic.

Never thought I’d say I love a hot pink car, but this hot pink Origin Labo Chaser was pure eye candy.

A couple more System Motorsports cars.

My good friend Ross was able to display his car at the KW booth even though he couldn’t attend the show in person. It was well worth it as his car took home 1st Place FRS/BRZ of the festival!

Not a fan of Rocket Bunny, but this S15 rocks it pretty nicely.

This was probably one of the nicest stock-bodied RX7s that I’ve ever seen.

Simple Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 on white TE37SLs.

It’s another one of those Subarus you see often at Bay Area shows. It looks like the owner added some full polished TE37Vs this time around.

You guys prefer the CT9A or CZ4A?

Spirit Rei and Car Modify Wonder is the look you see here.

Do you guys follow Jade350z on Instagram? Well he and his wife owners SEVERAL well modded vehicles that’s fit for the whole family. These are just two of them…

This is one of the most popular and well put together 510s out there. I’ll probably have more photos of this car in a later post…

The Volk Racing TE037 6061 wheels looked right at home on this F80.

Varis Version 2 wide body STi.

The third Varis Kamikaze 86.

Remember what I said about not liking Rocket Bunny stuff… well there’s an exception for almost everything and this FC is THAT exception. Personally, I think this is the best Rocket Bunny/Pandem creation ever.

A pristine Z32 on Work Meisters. I guess some people can maintain a car better than others.

Ducati Supersport 939.

This 1JZ-swapped Celica was pretty intimidating.

Track ready E36.

Capping off this relatively long post with three cars from the Run Up! crew.

So, that’s all I have from Wekfest SJ this year! Hope you guys enjoyed whatever photos I got and hopefully we’ll do this again next year!

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