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[FEATURE] Team Anti-Bunny: Clint Bustamante’s Varis Arising II FRS

I know the title of this feature is a bit contentious but it’s always refreshing to see a 86 that’s not rocking any Rocket Bunny stuff; not that Rocket Bunny is bad or anything, it’s just the market is so saturated in them that it becomes repetitive. Also, there’s so much replicated Rocket Bunny stuff on the market that its becoming difficult to tell the authentic from the fakes, but that’s a whole other topic. Back to the car at hand though, I’ve known Clint for many years now and we’ve become very good friends with very similar interests and tastes in cars. But the thing that stands out about this guy is his knowledge for Japanese car parts and companies, a knowledge that far surpasses anyone I know, and because of this reason our conversations about tuning has always piqued my interest. And since he’s pretty knowledgeable in Japanese tuning, you can only guess that his builds reflects this knowledge. One such build is his Varis Arising II FRS. (He has a second build that’s 7+ years in the making which will hopefully debut soon)

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

You can always count on Varis to make a gorgeous kit for any car. The Arising II flows so effortlessly with the rest of the car, yet maintains an aggressive look.

The Arising II front hangs so low that driving on city streets and driveways becomes a bit of a hassle.

The best view of the kit in my opinion is the profile view.

I’ve always stressed that the most important aspect of any build should be wheels because they lay down the foundation for everything else to come. For this build, Clint opted for a set of gorgeous Matte Blue ZE40s in a generous 18×10 sizing wrapped in 255/35 Advan AD08R tires.

Moving towards the rear of the car, I think the Varis rear end is probably my favorite part of the kit especially with all the carbon accents. Also, the Valenti Revo tail lights accentuates the back end even further.

TRD carbon winglets, one of many small but tasteful accents on the car.

The sticker that inspired the title.

Engine bay is kept very mild and tasteful for the moment but perhaps new additions are in store for the future.

And… finishing off this post with several more full body shots. (Complete current mod list can be found on the bottom of the post.)

Thanks for looking!


Varis Arising II Body Kit W/ All Carbon Options
TRD Carbon Fender Canards
Intec Dry Carbon Antenna
J-Blood Carbon Fiber Rain Guards
Valenti REVO Tail lights
Valenti Smoked Side Markers
GCS Smoked LED Corner Lights

Blitz drop-in Filter
Tomei Ti Front Pipe
Greddy Oil Cooler (Limited Edition Red)
ARK GRiP Cat Back Exhaust

Wheels and Tires:
Volk ZE40 18×10 +40 offset w/Center Caps
Project Mu Lug Nuts
255/35/18 Advan AD08R

Hotchkis Front Sway Bar
KW V3 Coilovers
Vorshlag Front Camber Plates

Random Bling:
STi Engine Cover
SYMS Brake Cylinder Cap
R-Magic Oil Cap
ARC Ti Shift Knob
Radium Engineering Brake Cylinder Brace
Zeek Carbon Intake Manifold Cover
HKS Oil Filter
APR Carbon Radiator Shroud
Billion Radiator Cap
Night Pager Oil Gauge Support


Evasive Motorsports 86 @ 86 FEST

Here’s another throwback set from last years 86 Fest out in AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, Califoria that was never posted. In this short set is the crazy Evasive FRS Pikes Peak edition complete with some flashy livery, the big wing, and side fender exhaust.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo evasive3_zpsvnqcgco0.jpg

Love the V-mount setup.

 photo evasive2_zps2hfnejbp.jpg

 photo evasive1_zpsk2yodrak.jpg

Advan GTs match perfectly with this car, absolutely stunning!

Cocaine Supra

When it comes to modifying cars, a nice balance of performance and aesthetic is essential to a perfectly built car. I mean, who would want to build a car that can go fast but look shitty as hell and vice versa…nobody, especially true car enthusiasts. In many parts of the world, most notably in Japan, this notion of perfect balance within a modified car is strongly emphasized; case in point, this immaculate MKIV Supra from Global Auto Sales.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000 1_3.jpg

 photo pic0002 1_2.jpg

I gotta say, the MKIV Supras are absolutely timeless, especially with the perfect combination of aftermarket mods like this.

 photo pic0006 1_1.jpg

 photo pic0007 1.jpg

Totally loving the white TE37s on Brembo BBKs.

 photo pic0004_3.jpg

One of the finest booties around.

 photo pic0003 1_2.jpg

 photo pic0005 1_3.jpg

Some notable exterior mods on this Supra includes the Varis Ridox front end, the TRD Type R spoiler, and the Abflug rear diffuser just to name a few.

With the exterior looking so fresh and so clean, you know the engine bay is packing a big punch as well.

 photo pic0008 1_3.jpg

We’re talking 700 HPs thanks to fully built internals as well as a huge Greddy/Trust T88-34D turbine.

 photo pic0009_4.jpg

Interior is kept simple with all the necessary gauges to display engine vitals.