[EVENT] Attack Tsukuba 2019 Part 2

Can you tell I’ve been slacking on posting shit up here on the site… I tend to get this way when I don’t have any future time attack events planned. It’s a bad habit that I need to kick to the curb but I do eventually find the strength to write and post some photos up here; key word, eventually. And that eventually is now! So I hope you guys will enjoy some more photos from Attack Tsukuba!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I don’t think this car needs any introduction.

If you’ve been keeping up with Japanese time attack, then you’d know the record for fastest NA S2000 has been a pretty heated three-way contention the last couple of years. But even though team Arvou and team Fura commanded some record times, the final record still belonged to the three letters of Yokohama.

The 800HP R33 from Tuning Factory Quarter Mile had its sights set on a 56 second pass on its first Tsukuba outing! Unfortunately it didn’t quite hit that mark but still managed an impressive 57.371.

A Material Auto Supra and Reverse BNR34 chillin in between runs. These two finished the day with a 1’02.052 and 1’01.828, respectively.

The AGY GTR is one of my favorite R35s in time attack… the other being the white Garage Mak GTR. This year, the AGY car was able to post a personal best of 59.363!

The S-chassis seems to be gaining popularity in time attack, or have I just not been paying attention… either way, the normally drift oriented chassis is taking a stand in the world of grip racing!

Father and son duo.

I was walking around the back side of the paddock area and spotted this ridiculously clean NC Miata on Advan RZs.

Also, in the back side was this inconspicuous Toyota Celica tuned by the famed Techno Pro Spirit. With only about 190HPs on tap, it still managed a very respectable 1’02.733!

Another look at the gorgeous Assist M4 that I posted a photo of in PART 1.

The 1000HP capable Autobahn Soarer took home third place overall for the day with a blistering and personal best time of 53.680. The car is slated to compete in WTAC this October, so that should be pretty exciting as the Japanese attackers continue to expand their competition overseas.

Speaking of overseas… here’s the famous Vibrant Performance Civic that I’ve covered on several occasions both in the U.S. and Australia, and now I can add Japan to the list. By the way, on his first outing in Tsukuba, Will Au-Yeung was able to decimate the FF track record with his final lap of the day in a 53.071 pass. Talk about kicking ass and taking names!

Team Aslan was hard at work throughout the day shaving times and tires. The hard work and efforts paid off at the end of the day because the car was able to hit a new personal best of 56.380.

Normally I’m not a huge fan of the Z-chassis but the N-One racing 380RS looked pretty fucking awesome!

Now THIS is a chassis I love! The Rush Factory R34 was able to match its personal best this year with a 59 second pass, but I don’t care about all that cause this car looks so fucking gorgeous!

Another Rush Factory backed GTR, this one a R35.

The GNR Racing Evo was out again this year hoping to record a faster time than its freshman outing last year. It did just that with a 1’00.585 pass… 59s is definitely in its foreseeable future!

Both for the street but one’s just considerably faster!

The OrangeBall DC5 looked spectacular with everything paint matched this year.

A couple of Hondas from Women’s Class. I’m pretty sure as time pass, the women of time attack will be integrated with their male counterparts in their respective classes.

The Yellow Factory EG had a less than stellar 2018 Attack performance, so 2019 was a year of redemption. After a 56.697 pass on its last lap of the day and a new personal best, redemption was achieved.

The Joyo/Rasty Supra commands quite a bit of attention.

Finally, capping off this post with a trifecta of R32s and the gorgeous Rush Factory beauty.

So, that’s Part 2 for ya, not sure when I’ll have the next part up but hopefully soon! Until then, be sure to head over to my INSTAGRAM for updates and photos!

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