[EVENT] Attack Tsukuba 2019 Part 3

Alright, let’s get back into some more Tsukuba things here… it felt like I had just written my last post just a few days ago but it’s been almost two weeks! I guess it’s true, the older you get the faster time flies by. Anyways, I finally got a couple of events lined up for the month of June, so I suppose that’s a good motivation for me to finish up the Tsukuba stuff. Aside from this post I’ll probably have one more to wrap everything up. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos so far, I know there’s other media outlets with Tsukuba coverage but maybe there’s stuff they missed that I’ve captured!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

I think I’m gonna be featuring the Rush Factory R34 on every post because I took quite a bit of photos of it… it’s pretty damn photogenic don’t you think?

Garage Shimaya/Outerplus Lotus from birds eye view.

Orange Ball and Garage Work DC5s together.

Wacky Mate R32 cooling off. This car set a new personal best with a 55.080 this year… pretty fucking fast if you ask me!

The famed Carbon Junkie AE86 with the equally famous Autobahn Soarer, both draped with full carbon attire.

Do you prefer bare carbon or carbon with livery? Personally, I prefer either, cause it’s fast regardless… I’m talking new personal best kinda fast; 53.680 kinda fast!

This TS Factory AE86 can give the Carbon Junkie car a run for its money…

The Radial Class Novelize Z33.

A couple of Arvou supported S2000s.

The Autobahn GTS-T is pretty much a GTR in disguise…

The Joyo Supra posted up with the 290HP No Pro Miata. This kinda looks like a photo of David and Goliath…

Yokohama Advan always seems to have display vehicles at Attack Tsukuba every year. This year was a couple of JGTC machines.

The Goodride S15 is pretty much a dual purpose car for drift and grip as you can probably tell…

The Assist Kyoto M4 looked absolutely sensational, definitely one of the best all around M4s out there.

Inside the Anshin R32 GTR. Talk about a cluster fuck of wires…

The High-End Makers Quarter Mile R33 GTR.

And last but definitely not least! The Nutec &G Corporation SW20. This car was extremely popular on my INSTAGRAM when I posted photos of it.

So, that’s it for Part 3. I’ll most likely have Part 4 up pretty soon so be on the look out for that!

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