Attack Tsukuba 2018 [Event Coverage P.3]

The final post on the Attack Tsukuba event has finally arrived… I’ve been putting it off for seemingly an eternity because I got side tracked with other shit but the biggest culprit was my laziness. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never and I finally got through the rest of the photos from the event today, so without further adieu… Enjoy!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Quite possibly the finest GC8 on the planet was present at Attack Tsukuba 2018. Naoki-san’s wide body GC8 takes the minimalistic approach but can lay down some scorching lap times.

The HKS-spec Garrett turbocharger takes center stage which provides well over 500HP on the EJ power plant, enough for lap times in the 57-58 second range.

The Luck GF8 is one of my favorite time attack Subarus currently simply because I love an underdog that proves an outdated platform can compete with the big boys.

Rounding out the three Subarus in competition that day was the SL Moty’s GRB… Surprisingly this wagon is also quite fast, clocking in lap times in the 58 second range.

The Rasty Supra was also on hand with its wooden splitter and double rear spoiler… Not really sure if there’s any functionality in having two spoilers but it did put down a personal best with a quick 57.368 lap time. Perhaps there is functionality after all.

The Lotus boys were out as well alongside a few Porsches too.

Advan/Yokohama Tire had a nice display with a few legends and demos.

The infamous Autobahn Soarer.

Multiple generations of Miatas were also out and about.

Finally saw the Admix R32 GTR out this year as they had engine problems in 2017. 55.693 was their best time this year, not their best but definitely no slouch by any means.

Pit lane and paddock vibes. I love that literally every car at Attack tsukuba is a worthy magazine car.

A couple of Arvou tuned S2000 were posted in the parking lot.

Also a RE-Amemiya RX7.

And a 86 sporting a rare Arise Motorsports kit.

At the end of the day some of the teams brought their cars on the track for some nice photo op.

Japanese people doing Japanese things… these 86 guys were super chill.

So this just about concludes my coverage on the event. I think I could’ve gotten even more photos but I’m just glad that my memory card didn’t take a shit on me like last year and I’m extremely happy that I got to share these photos with you guys. So, with that said, I’m gonna end the post with a few shots I got as the teams were leaving… See you guys on the next post!

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