HKS USA A90 Supra @ Super Lap Battle 2019

I think it’s pretty safe to say that 2019 has been the year of the Supra. The long awaited and much anticipated return of Toyota’s flagship earlier this year has left the automotive world in a state of frenzy. Well… maybe frenzy is a bit over-exaggerated, but it’s (A90 Supra) definitely been a vocal point in many shows and events this year. Even at an event like Super Lap Battle, the A90’s presence was felt as eight examples descended upon Buttonwillow Raceway; most looked pretty tame but there was one distinct car that had everyone flocking in to snap some photos…..

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

HKS USA brought out their Premium kitted A90 for Super Lap Battle and it was a huge hit with the spectators.

The HKS Premium Kit takes the width of the stock A90 from 1,865mm to 2,070mm. That’s a gain of over 8 inches!

I think the only part of the kit that I’m not too fond of is the GT wing. I personally prefer a trunk mounted unit or one that connects to the chassis through the trunk. Nevertheless, overall, the HKS Premium kit looked fantastic as a whole.

The Racing White Advan GTs goes perfectly with the signature HKS warpaint livery.

Here’s a shot of the car as it passes Sunrise and into the Off Ramp corner.

Without a doubt, the HKS Supra was among the best looking car on and off the track that weekend. But for an event like SLB, lap times are just as important as aesthetics, and the HKS car did not fair too well in its class as it logged a best time of 2:03.656… good for second to last place in Limited Class.

Second to last place in class or not though, I most certainly had a fun time shooting this car and I’m extremely glad it made it out to the event!

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  1. Besides the aero, suspension, wheels/tires and I assume their exhaust, what else is done to the car? Was it just some sort of shakedown run? No doubt HKS could put together a seriously capable A90, if they wanted to. Too bad it got 2nd to last.. Hopefully they’ll be able to improve the lap times in the future. But hey, at least it looks great! (Personally I’d like to see it with a livery similar to the HKS CT230R, pre-natural gas conversion)

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