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Tsukuba Parking Area

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to hit up the famous Daikoku Futo PA on my recent trip to Japan, so these few Tsukuba hard parker photos will have to do. There were actually a lot more notable cars in the parking area, but I was too anxious to head towards the paddock area so I just skipped past them.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!


MoMo Hits Tsukuba Circuit!!! [ TC2000 2017 Part III ]

Welp, here we are, the end of the line on my Tsukuba coverage, well maybe not quite but this is the end of it for the most part. I really wish my memory card didn’t malfunction cause there was so much more that I wanted to show you guys. Regardless, I’m pretty content with what I have and I do have some more images on my phone that are not posted here, (See INSTAGRAM) so not all is lost! I’m also really surprised by the amount of interest that people have on this coverage which is amazing because I’ve been wanting to transition this brand to focus more on Japanese tuning and motorsports. So, I’m really glad that you guys are on the same page with me as far as taking this site to the direction that I wanted to go. With that, let’s continue!

So I had made my way around the paddock area after taking in all the goodness that was parked before my eyes, and I noticed that the paddock actually extends back to a back field area. Being the curious self that I am I decided to investigate; and I was so glad that I did because there were a couple of GEMS that were parked in the back away from the rest of the crowd. You’ll know what I’m talking about after the break…..

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Before we head to the back lot, here’s a few more heavy hitters for the day.

The Aslan EG looks so menacing for such a small car.

Does this even need introduction?

Garage Saurus power plant.

The GCG Evo pitted at the end of the front paddock.

Now, off to the back area…

Here’s only one of less than a handful of R35s present that day.

The Material Auto Factory Supra was one of my favorites of the day.

And then it’s Mazdas and S15s from here till the end…

Not my favorite but still a lot better than the stuff you see Stateside.

Rotaries were in abundance this day.

Silvias were also well represented like this gorgeous number here, and also the Yashio Factory matte black machine below.

And finally, more 7s including the Car Shop Glow crew.

Wekfest VIII [Event Coverage Part 2]

Almost a month later, I’m still posting Wekfest San Jose pictures… such a shame, but I’ve been super busy lately with other things in my life and the blog has been put in the back burner for the time being. But this site is still a passion of mine so I’m still going to update from time to time which brings us to this post. I said previously that I was going to go more in depth about my thoughts on this show so let’s get right to it.

A lot of people have mentioned that Wekfest SJ is the one of the heaviest hitting show of the season and it could very well be because I did see a great number of notable builds. However, with that said, I do think there’s a bit of favoritism within the show and perhaps the Wekfest organization because there were several cars that were questionable with their eligibility for the show. I mention this because Wekfest is advertised as being the “Super Bowl” of all shows and there’s a strict screening process associated with entering the show. So this makes me question how a stock C63 AMG with only a matte black wrap make the cut, or how other borderline modded cars make the cut? Is favoritism involved? It definitely looks that way from my standpoint. Also, keep in mind that I’m not associated with anyone in the automotive industry, so this post is strictly based on my non-biased opinion.

As far as the experience of the show, I actually had a great time and ran into several friends I haven’t seen for awhile and the check-in process was smooth and swift although there was a slight delay with their setup at the entrance. Overall, the show went by smoothly but they do need to step up their screening process if Wekfest really wants to be considered “ELITE.”

Now on to some pictures!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

 photo wek29.jpg

 photo wek30.jpg

 photo wek31.jpg

A few of the West Collective guys from SoCal.

 photo wek32.jpg

A proper EK.

 photo wek33.jpg

F80 with some JDM goods.

 photo wek36.jpg

Arizona S2K with the Sorcery front end.

 photo wek35.jpg

 photo wek41.jpg

Seen this Voltex Evo in many Bay Area shows.

 photo wek34.jpg

Rocket Bunny GTR owned by a very famous Instagrammer.

 photo wek39.jpg

 photo wek38.jpg

Mackin Industries + Evasive Motorsports.

 photo wek37.jpg

Always been a fan of this Speed Element STi.

 photo wek42.jpg

GTR on the floor.

 photo wek45.jpg

K20 and turbo = perfection.

 photo wek46.jpg

The Fatlace GTR.

 photo wek47.jpg

Rocket Bunny V2.

 photo wek48.jpg

 photo wek49.jpg

This was definitely a crowd favorite, the RB Boss S14 with a BMW swap and a giant turbo.

 photo wek43.jpg

 photo wek44.jpg

 photo wek1.jpg

The famous Rywire ITR looking absolutely gorgeous in person.

 photo wek40.jpg

And finally……..how much is too much?

Stay tuned for part 3!