2017 World Time Attack Challenge [Event Coverage Day One Part 2]

Continuing forward with more coverage of WTAC, this post I’m gonna focus on some of the action in the pits along with some photos I forgot to post on my previous write-up. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to visit every pit area because it either got too crowded or I got side tracked with something else and forgot completely. However, I did get some pretty decent shots of some of the pit area so hopefully you guys can get a “feel” of the ins and outs during the event…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The Opticoat/Keeley Motorsports Evo 6 was conveniently placed outside the pits for some good photo op.

I manage to catch the Minidisc Race Division Evolution as it pulled out next to the Evo 6… which do you prefer?

Another Open Class contender, the Royal Purple Evo 8.

The Zoom Motorsports 86 looking poised in the Varis attire.

The JDM Yard EG did some serious damage on the track taking home first in Open Class with a 1:27.562 lap time.

The gorgeous Voltex S2000 of BYP Racing managed a sixth place finish in Clubsprint Class with a 1:40.438.

The 3 Rotor Racing RX7 was quite possibly one of the loudest car of the day.

Here we have a personal favorite of mine, the Car Shop Dream RX7 all the way from Hokkaido, Japan. It managed a seventh place finish in Open Class with a best of 1:30.844.

Here’s a couple of Clubsprint contenders in the Artec Performance Supra and the Harrop Engineering Exige, respectively.

The official sponsor of WTAC, Yokohama Tire, provided some serious A050 rubber to the competitors.

One more look at the Opticoat Evo 6.

So, that’s about it from the pits… for now, so let’s move back to the booths with some photos that should’ve been posted on the previous post.

Opticoat actually had a pretty big booth out complete with a gorgeous Mclaren 570 GT4.

The Nulon booth had a nice Exige and EK on display.

Nissan family affair was evident at the Motive DVD booth with the S14.5 and the single-turbo R33 from the previous post.

And finally, capping this post off with three generations of GTRs…

So, that about concludes Part 2 but I still feel like I barely scratched the surface of my photos because the best is still yet to come. Part 3 should see some legends and some pit lane action, so be sure to come back for that!

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