2017 R’s Day @ Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca [Event Coverage Part 2]

Moving on to the bulk of my R’s Day coverage, let’s continue with a closer look at Charles Wong’s Bayside Blue R34 and the rest of the “legacy” GTRs at the event. Unfortunately, I don’t have much in terms of the R35s since they were stock or near stock and I want to keep the focus of the coverage on the modified cars instead, hope you guys understand!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

R32s were probably the most represented at R’s Day but this Gun Grey Metallic example on Volk Racing ZE40s was probably my favorite.

TE37SL Black Editions looked great on this Crystal White R32.

Titan7 Wheels have been gaining popularity as of late, which is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable forged wheel.

A few more R32s on Gram Lights and BBS’, respectively.

R33s had the lowest count with just these two examples. The bright green was a little too wild for me but I’m digging the silver on Nismo LMGT4s.

Looks like I did catch a couple of R35s in the pits, with the top one on Volk Racing G2s and the latter on Vorsteiner wheels.

Caught a few of the Skyline Syndicate crew manning the raffle table.

Moving on to a closer look at Charles’ ridiculously good Bayside Blue R34…

I love the front end combo that consists of a Z-Tune bumper which provides a wide opening for the massive HKS Type R intercooler, and also a Carshop F1 lip and Auto Select canards for added aggressiveness.

HKS T04Z is a very popular turbine amongst the RB crowd. In this case, the T04Z sings harmoniously with the RB26 thanks to a tune by GTR powerhouse, Garage Saurus.

Rounding out the back end is a Voltex Type 4 spoiler, a Carshop F1 trunk, and a custom diffuser.

Which ass do you prefer?

After spending a considerable amount of time in the pits, I moved upstairs to get a different angle on the cars as they’re coming back in from an afternoon run. Starting with the R32s.

Caught some bird’s eye view of these two as well.

There were also GTR owners that came to spectate and had their cars parked away from the pits like these two gems.

And finally, one more shot of the Bayside Blue as it heads out for a run.

So, this concludes part 2, but part 3 is just around the corner…

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