[Car Spotting] 72′ Datsun 510 @ Blancpain GT Sonoma

It’s been a couple months since I took these shots at the Blancpain GT World Challenge event at Sonoma Raceway but I suppose it’s never too late to put up photos on here. Most of you have probably seen this car in the flesh or online somewhere especially if you reside in California since it’s pretty much at every “big” show in the state. But… for those that haven’t seen this car, it’s pretty much one of the best RestoMod Datsun 510s out there… at least to me it’s one of the best. Don’t take my word for it though, check out the photos and you can be the judge.

Photos By MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Breaking people’s necks…

I usually see this car at shows like Wekfest, so it was nice to have an opportunity to shoot some relatively “clean” photos out there in Sonoma.

Tucked under the hood is a snugly fitted SR20DET power plant. I’m not really sure on the horsepower figure but I’d say somewhere in the mid 300s-400+.

Interior of the car is equally well executed as the exterior and engine bay with lots of gauges to keep the vehicle’s vitals in check.

Bride Brix II seats gives comfort and support for both driver and passenger.

Super Sport Sedan.

The bronze TE37Vs are definitely a perfect match for this car.

A couple more shots of the paint and body to wrap up this post…

If you guys are interested to see more or read up on the 510 build process, I’ve provided a couple of links below for further reading and photos! Hope you guys enjoyed this relatively short post, until next time! Cheers!



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