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Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 5]

So here it is the last of it, I gotta make sure I have these up before all the Seattle goodness overwhelms the San Jose stuff on the web. But if you are interested in seeing some Seattle coverage after this, be sure to head over to STICKYDILJOE.COM for some really good coverage and some harsh but good reading material. He had me at “Stop making fake FR-S Rocket Bunny panels fit on your cars. THEY DON’T FIT! There’s such a thing called “body lines” that people need to follow for Christ’s sake.” This short rant just resonates with me because that’s exactly how I feel about the aftermarket scene these days, especially in California. So I hope future builders and new generation car enthusiasts take notes and hopefully we can get back on track as far as great car builds are concerned. Anyways, back to the matter at hand, I did a slight adjustment in editing with the last batch of photos so hopefully you guys like them. Thanks for looking as always!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

A lovely E30 M3 on OZ Futuras.

White RWB looks pretty damn clean.

This Evo had a mixture of exterior panels such as Ings side skirts and C-West front that actually worked pretty well. Of course the engine bay with the dump tubes was also nicely done.

No pistons and big turbo.

You can almost never go wrong with Varis on any car like a 370Z and Evo X, respectively.

The Mackin booth was pretty lit with a full carbon GTR and of course, their wheel displays.

Love this Wald ISF equipped with a little extra boost.

Pretty clean E46 on BBS GT2s.

Kinda like the livery on this Cayman GT4.

This is another popular Bay Area car.

Voltex is my favorite attire on Evos.

Do you prefer the R34 or R35? I’m sure I know what the majority would vote for…

A couple of Pandem cars made their way up from LA for the show.

Another one from SoCal is the LB 458.

My friend David’s Knight Sports FD that I did a feature on a couple months back. -> Knight Sports FD

Clean IS300/Altezza by the Chronicles booth.

And finally, closing out the coverage with this crazy RB26 powered Bimmer.

So there you have it, I know it really wasn’t a full coverage but I think I got just about all that needed to be covered as far as for this site is concerned. I hope you guys enjoyed what I did cover and see you guys on the next post!


Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 2]

Moving along from my last post, more Hondas from Wekfest San Jose! I really want to post up photos of other makes and models from the show, but the Honda showing just out shines the rest in my opinion so here’s another post dedicated to them. The next post I will have the rest of the cars up, so enjoy the rest of the Honda showing in the mean time.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Integras were out in full force at Wekfest SJ.

Love the color on this ATS Garage number.

A classic Spoon setup on this ITR.

The NSX showing was surprisingly strong this year.

MF10s were everywhere in the show, but this matte blue set is probably my favorite.

One of the cleanest Bay Area CL9.

And that about does it for the Hondas at the show (at least the ones that caught my attention), stay tuned for the next post going up after this weekend. Until then, enjoy!

Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 1]

Before I begin, I should point out that I probably took photos of about 30% of the cars at Wekfest SJ, so calling this a “coverage” is a bit far fetched but to maintain the quality standard of this site, I will only post my personal favorites on here. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been transitioning the site and its related social media platforms to focus more on the Japan side of things as far as car tuning goes. Whether it’s on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or here, most of my posts come directly from Japan as of late. With that said, there’s still a few shows throughout the year that interests me stateside, Wekfest SJ is one of them. Every year this show has been coined as the “Super Bowl” of all shows as it attracts some of the best builds on the West Coast. I agree with this statement in a sense just because there were some great builds present but the truth is, I personally believe that the screening process was flawed as I felt some cars did not belong in the show. But….. I don’t own or operate this show, so all I can do is spectate, take photos, and mind my own business. One of the things that did catch my attention this year was the strong showing of quality Hondas, and that’s where I’ll begin my coverage.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Couple of clean EP3s on Mugen MF10 and Work Meister, respectively.

I believe this was the ‘Best Honda’ winner.

In my eyes, this Mugen themed RSX was a serious ‘Best of Show’ contender. Although it did win ‘Best Integra/RSX of the Festival’.

This Phoenix Yellow ITR on MF10s was a favorite of mine.

My buddies Hanzel and Chris showing off their Mugen themed Berlina Blacks.

I was extremely surprised to see the incredible showing of NSXs this year. Here’s only a few of them from mild to wild!

Clean and authentic is the way to go. Even though this Formula Red AP2 looks simple, it was rocking some authentic products like the Mugen hardtop.

RHD, ITB K-swap and Mugen MF10L are perfect fit for this old school Honda.

Closing this first post with another one of my favorites of the show, the Nemos Garage FA5 equipped with FEEL’S Honda Twin Cam exterior!

Be sure stay tuned for the next segment coming soon!