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Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 3]

Hey guys, thanks for your patience, I had thought that I would fit everything else in this post but I realized that I had more photos than I’ve anticipated on putting up on the site so “Part 4” will be coming up shortly. In the meantime, here’s some of the non-Hondas that caught my attention at the show. Enjoy!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The Old & New kitted 997 looks absolutely flawless in this particular colorway.

One of a few R32s present at the show.

A pristine Lotus Elise.

Alfa Romeo 4C on Advan wheels.

This was one of my favorites at the show, a Cayman GT4 among the Speed Element group.

This is how 240s/180s should look like. I love the deep dish WedsSport Kranze Cerberus IIs with this setup.

One of only a handful of “clean” Subarus.

Even though this 86 looks very mild, the parts list was quite impressive highlighted by an Evasive Pikes Peak motor.

A couple of the clean West Collective cars from SoCal.

Do you prefer the E90 or F80? All I know is both looked equally good on BBS wheels.

MKIV Supra on TE37SL Pressed Double Black.

Rocket Bunny Lexus RC.

Another nice Rocket Bunny number, the Pandem E46 M3.

The “IMTOOLAZY” Nissan GTR in a full GT3 attire. One thing I would change on this car though is the wheels, I’m not really feeling the Rotiforms.

And….. finishing this post with a huge Precision unit mated to a 2JZ power plant.

Remember I still have “Part 4” that’s going up, so stay tuned for more goodness from Wekfest SJ!


Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 2]

Moving along from my last post, more Hondas from Wekfest San Jose! I really want to post up photos of other makes and models from the show, but the Honda showing just out shines the rest in my opinion so here’s another post dedicated to them. The next post I will have the rest of the cars up, so enjoy the rest of the Honda showing in the mean time.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Integras were out in full force at Wekfest SJ.

Love the color on this ATS Garage number.

A classic Spoon setup on this ITR.

The NSX showing was surprisingly strong this year.

MF10s were everywhere in the show, but this matte blue set is probably my favorite.

One of the cleanest Bay Area CL9.

And that about does it for the Hondas at the show (at least the ones that caught my attention), stay tuned for the next post going up after this weekend. Until then, enjoy!

MoMo Swings By Car Shop Glow [Part I: A Peek Inside]

The time has finally come, my Japan adventure posts are finally coming to an end with my last shop visit at Car Shop Glow. I chose to visit Car Shop Glow because they’ve been gaining massive popularity with their LED tail light conversions, so I know a lot of readers can relate to this brand. Also, their shop is relatively easy to access in Tokyo, and I wanted a closer look at some of their glorious cars, mainly their famous brown FDs.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

CSG is actually on a busy main street so it’s quite accessible and easy to find.

First thing I saw when I entered the shop was their “main” time attack FD that was going to undergo some significant changes. One of their employee, Matt, gave me a rundown on their plans for this FD.

Here’s a closer look at the aggressive RE-Amemiya front with custom splitters and canards for maximum downforce.

Here is Matt working on a light assembly. It was definitely a breath of fresh air meeting an English speaker at a shop because I was able to ask questions and give my comments on the shop. Matt also shoots for Narita Dog Fight, you might have heard of them…

Of course, with every shop there’s a rest area with couches and magazines for your viewing pleasure.

Parts were scattered everywhere, both on the ground and on shelves and the shop was slightly messy, but I thought that gave it its unique character. Matt was also kind enough to clean some stuff off the FD shell, so I could get some shots of it which I really appreciated.

Overall, this was a really laid back visit and I was really happy that I got to chat with someone at the shop. Stay tuned for “Part II” when I head out to a secret location.