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Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 5]

So here it is the last of it, I gotta make sure I have these up before all the Seattle goodness overwhelms the San Jose stuff on the web. But if you are interested in seeing some Seattle coverage after this, be sure to head over to STICKYDILJOE.COM for some really good coverage and some harsh but good reading material. He had me at “Stop making fake FR-S Rocket Bunny panels fit on your cars. THEY DON’T FIT! There’s such a thing called “body lines” that people need to follow for Christ’s sake.” This short rant just resonates with me because that’s exactly how I feel about the aftermarket scene these days, especially in California. So I hope future builders and new generation car enthusiasts take notes and hopefully we can get back on track as far as great car builds are concerned. Anyways, back to the matter at hand, I did a slight adjustment in editing with the last batch of photos so hopefully you guys like them. Thanks for looking as always!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

A lovely E30 M3 on OZ Futuras.

White RWB looks pretty damn clean.

This Evo had a mixture of exterior panels such as Ings side skirts and C-West front that actually worked pretty well. Of course the engine bay with the dump tubes was also nicely done.

No pistons and big turbo.

You can almost never go wrong with Varis on any car like a 370Z and Evo X, respectively.

The Mackin booth was pretty lit with a full carbon GTR and of course, their wheel displays.

Love this Wald ISF equipped with a little extra boost.

Pretty clean E46 on BBS GT2s.

Kinda like the livery on this Cayman GT4.

This is another popular Bay Area car.

Voltex is my favorite attire on Evos.

Do you prefer the R34 or R35? I’m sure I know what the majority would vote for…

A couple of Pandem cars made their way up from LA for the show.

Another one from SoCal is the LB 458.

My friend David’s Knight Sports FD that I did a feature on a couple months back. -> Knight Sports FD

Clean IS300/Altezza by the Chronicles booth.

And finally, closing out the coverage with this crazy RB26 powered Bimmer.

So there you have it, I know it really wasn’t a full coverage but I think I got just about all that needed to be covered as far as for this site is concerned. I hope you guys enjoyed what I did cover and see you guys on the next post!


Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 4]

Alright looks like I was kidding about this being the last post for the Wekfest SJ coverage cause I have a little more photos to go through, and also I want to keep the posts at a reasonable length, so make sure to check out “Part 5” as well when it goes up. Before we continue on to the photos, I just want to say that I’m super bummed out that I missed Wekfest Seattle because the PNW and the Canadians brought some serious heat to the show. Judging from the pictures that I’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that the Seattle showing was of higher quality than the SJ one. Now, I just have to make a note to not miss out on that show next year. But anyways, back to some Wekfest SJ photos…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Project Cars 2 had the best booth at the show with their wide body M3 and their racing simulators setup.

The Phaze2 86 was one of my favorites at the show. You really can’t go wrong with a Varis wide body setup along with perfectly fitting OG TE37s.

Strasse Sport 991 GT3 looking fabulous.

This Speed Element STi is always a welcomed sight at all the Bay Area shows.

I find it extremely difficult to find a clean Rocket Bunny V1 86 these days.

Super clean LSx swapped FD. It’s just not my cup of tea because I’m a purist and prefer no pistons when it comes to RX7s.

Voltex attire with Volk Racing TE37V shoes on a STi; tough to beat this combo.

Another Bay Area car show regular from the Speed Element crew.

This is not a bad looking X.

Another one of my favorites at the show, coming all the way from SoCal. I’ve actually been following this build and I just love all the parts and details that’s been added to this car. And this is probably one of the best TE37V Mark II setups I’ve seen.

The Speed Element crew had all the right cars at the show; this R32 is another clean example.

The TrackSpec Evo was a welcomed sight at the show, at least for me.

And finally, closing out this post with this fine GRB aired out on Volk Racing TE37V Mark II.

Remember to check back for the next part!

Wekfest San Jose 2017 [Event Coverage Part 3]

Hey guys, thanks for your patience, I had thought that I would fit everything else in this post but I realized that I had more photos than I’ve anticipated on putting up on the site so “Part 4” will be coming up shortly. In the meantime, here’s some of the non-Hondas that caught my attention at the show. Enjoy!

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

The Old & New kitted 997 looks absolutely flawless in this particular colorway.

One of a few R32s present at the show.

A pristine Lotus Elise.

Alfa Romeo 4C on Advan wheels.

This was one of my favorites at the show, a Cayman GT4 among the Speed Element group.

This is how 240s/180s should look like. I love the deep dish WedsSport Kranze Cerberus IIs with this setup.

One of only a handful of “clean” Subarus.

Even though this 86 looks very mild, the parts list was quite impressive highlighted by an Evasive Pikes Peak motor.

A couple of the clean West Collective cars from SoCal.

Do you prefer the E90 or F80? All I know is both looked equally good on BBS wheels.

MKIV Supra on TE37SL Pressed Double Black.

Rocket Bunny Lexus RC.

Another nice Rocket Bunny number, the Pandem E46 M3.

The “IMTOOLAZY” Nissan GTR in a full GT3 attire. One thing I would change on this car though is the wheels, I’m not really feeling the Rotiforms.

And….. finishing this post with a huge Precision unit mated to a 2JZ power plant.

Remember I still have “Part 4” that’s going up, so stay tuned for more goodness from Wekfest SJ!