Super Lap Battle 2010 (FINALS)

Another year, another Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway; where some of the top-notch tuners/race teams in the country duke it out for the fastest lap times in their respective classes. During the past few years, there’s been some notable Japanese tuners that participated in this event as well, which includes the Zerosports STi, HKS CT230r Evo, 5Zigen Euro R, Mine’s R34 GTR, and many others. However, this year was one to remember because Sierra-Sierra Enterprises’ Evo VIII has done what all has failed to do the last 3 years; breaking HKS CT230r’s track record of 1:43.523 set on Nov. 7 2007. And they did it on their first session out…

Here’s a break down of some notable lap times set this year.

Sierra-Sierra Enterprises Evolution VIII – 1:41.046 (Unlimited AWD)
FX Motorsports NSX – 1:41.949 (Unlimited FR)
GST Motorsports Impreza L – 1:44.586 (Unlimited AWD)
AQ Motorsports Impreza STi – 1:48.550 (Limited AWD)
Driving Ambition NSX – 1:50.629 (Unlimited FR)
Evasive Motorsports Evolution IX – 1:51.034 (Limited AWD)
N1 Concepts S2000 – 1:51.663 (Unlimited FR)
HASport/KSport Civic EG – 1:51.847 (Unlimited FF)
RennSpec E46 M3 – 1:53.481 (Limited FR)
AMS Evolution X – 1:56.240 (Street AWD)

And now on to the pics! These are only my favorites, more can be found on my FLICKR

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  1. limited FR 1st should be Renn Spec’s e46 M3 driven by Charles Ng at 1:53.481. AFI was bumped up to unlimited FR class for the tires they used this year.

  2. No problem. Rumors has it that a few cars in limited class used slick tires and thought they could get away with it. Not exactly sure what was going on there, but it will be quite a disappointment if it was true.

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