S2000 Homecoming II (Part 3)

Last part of Homecoming coverage......Just a listing of coverage by other people... Most coverage can be found here s2ki.com wiredonhonda.com

S2000 Homecoming II (Part 2)

Some continual coverage of the S2000 Homecoming II MEGA MEET. Some notable cars, again, I didn't capture as many pics as I should have. Evasive/Voltex JS2k.com Full Spoon ASM vs. Spoon Evasive/Spoon Go Tuning/ASM Asura Design Alexisthemovie Clutch Masters/K24-Powered Full Mugen Full Mugen DudeBlvd/Amuse Widebody Go Tuning/Tracy Sports Widebody Full ASM Spoon My personal favorite... Continue Reading →

S2000 Homecoming II Coverage (Part 1)

September 25th 2010 marked the second time that hundreds of S2000s gathered at the Honda of America headquarters in Torrance, CA. It was a very special event that was thoroughly planned out, which in included a color coordinated caravan from Irvine to Torrance, many special Honda-made vehicles on display, thousands of dollars worth of raffle... Continue Reading →

Wacky Mate BNR34 GTR

Wacky certainly does not describe this GTR.....I just fell in love with this first picture..... Bonus video, after the pics. And here's a bonus in-car video of it in action......turn your speakers up!!

Amusing Z33

Another stunning set from Shutter Lit Photography of an absolutely AMAZING car.....or...Amusing if you will...lol ;D This is the perfect Z33 in my books. But I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Code Red

Shutter Lit Photography have always been able to deliver some stunning photography, and they did it again with this NFR S2000. This is one of the few S2000s, if not the only one that I've seen with the Spoon front bumper, and I'm lovin it. The red really brings out the lines and character of... Continue Reading →

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione- Nuff Said.

This is one of 30 Ferrari FXX Evoluziones in the world, and just in case you don't know what an Evoluzione is...here's the breakdown. Ferrari basically took the already super fast FXX and made it even faster. Power output has increased from the tire scorching 790hp to a neck breaking 860hp @ an incredible 9,500rpms,... Continue Reading →


I was browsing on the forums and stumbled upon this beautiful Championship White NSX on some aggressive Work VS-XX. I'm liking the color scheme as well.....pretty much mirrors my car ;D

Pagani Zonda Tricolore

Yes...another limited edition Pagani Zonda, and it's called Tricolore. This car was created to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Italian National Aerobatic Team known as Frecce Tricolori (Tricolor Arrows). This car is essentially a Cinque with the only differences being the paint job which mimics the planes of the Frecce Tricolori, front... Continue Reading →

OG Stat: Hakosuka Skyline GTR

Old-school classics don't really appear in my blog much just cause I'm not too big of an old school guy when it comes to cars, but there are always exceptions.....like this Hakosuka Skyline GTR from the recent Japanese Classic Car Show. This is probably my favorite old school platform, along with the Datsun 510 and... Continue Reading →

Mugen Inspired

This beautiful Integra GSR is rocking a Mugen-inspired kit produced by Top One, along with some old-school BBS meshies. But the thing that drew my attention, was the custom rear diffuser.....I think it gave the car a nice aggressive look without being overbearing...beautiful piece.

Big Red

Yup, it's big.....well...wide actually, it's red, and it's incredibly beautiful. I'll tell you, the Japanese don't mess around when it comes to car tuning/modifying... Mind you, this J's Racing widebody is a customer's car...

The KING Just Got Faster!

Just a couple of days ago I posted a video of this exact same S2000 hitting 8.02.......well, it just went into 7's.....keep in mind, this is with a F20c.. NEW RECORD: 7.97@ 171.54, 60ft@ 1.23secs

Red Hot Civic

The title pretty much says it all, the car's red, it's a Civic, and it damn sure is HOT!! And it's not the first time this car has grazed my blog 😉 I was literally blown away by this first picture, this car is just absolutely GORGEOUS! I just can't get enough of it.....this is... Continue Reading →

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