Kaizen Tuning STi

Kaizen Tuning's lovely STi with Varis aerodynamics and Volk Racing TE37RTs... an absolutely lovely combo! Photos via FLICKR

Swaggin’ Wagon

Swag is something that contains a high level of coolness, and this GRB below has got all the swagger in the world. This is by far the sexiest, most aggressive wagon that you'll ever lay eyes on.

Perfect Street STi

So, I'm sure we can all agree that there are many cars out there that we would consider to be modified nicely. In other words, 'clean'. Well here's a Subie that defines the meaning clean, and then some. This Aspen White STi is not only clean, but it's doing so by rocking some legit parts.... Continue Reading →

Varis Equipped GRB

Big thanks to one of my good friend for linking me to pics of this absolutely amazing Subaru. This GRB is rocking some real baller parts if you take a look at the pictures. Like the title said, this car is equipped with a full Varis kit, along with a set of flat black Advan... Continue Reading →

Zerosports X Advan STi

This post saddens me a little, because if you've been following news from the motherland of JDM parts, then more than likely you know that Zerosports has filed for bankruptcy recently. With that said, I'm proud to present to you a car that is keeping the Zerosports legacy alive.

Baddest Boxer Of Them All

You all should be pretty familiar with this award-winning STi, if not, then you need to get your ass out to some of the shows here in the West Coast! This is definitely one of the most highly modified STis' out there.....So, instead of me listing the mods, I'll just let the pictures do the... Continue Reading →

Super Lap Battle 2010 (FINALS)

Another year, another Super Lap Battle at Buttonwillow Raceway; where some of the top-notch tuners/race teams in the country duke it out for the fastest lap times in their respective classes. During the past few years, there's been some notable Japanese tuners that participated in this event as well, which includes the Zerosports STi, HKS... Continue Reading →

Voltex STi, Street Spec

This is member STiyiyi's beautifully aggressive STi. It's rockin' some brand new 18x10 +18 WedsSport SA55m in the BRM (Black Red Machining) finish, and a full arsenal of Voltex aero pieces. I am absolutely in LOVE with these wheels......the finish, and the sizing is just perfect! One down side to this car, however, are the... Continue Reading →

D. Money’s ‘Ultimate Bug-Eye’

Yesterday, I posted up a few photos of D. Money's unbelievably clean, and well-built Subaru. Now comes the FULL shoot by Eric Tong Photography. Check out this absolutely amazing set. And in case you are wondering, the full mod list is located after the photos.....and it is LONG!!! Mods list: Exterior: JUN Auto Bumper (Authentic)... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Bug-Eye

This following 'bug-eye' Impreza is one of the most complete, and well modified Subaru that I have ever seen.....I'm sure the majority of you can agree with me as well after looking through the pictures. The parts list on this Subie is absolutely MIND-BLOWING! But some notable parts include an authentic JUN front bumper, 18x9.5... Continue Reading →

Ghost of Autumn

Saw this nice picture on the forums today, and decided that it was worthy of a post.....It's a super clean GC8 with a touch of autumn/Halloween ish..backdrop.

Dare I Say…Cleanest GRB In The World?

This is a beautiful video entry of L-SCHLEGS's GRB STi for Cobb Tuning's Film Festival. This video has been out for a couple months now, so it's not the newest shit, but I thought it would be worth posting. For more info on this car, follow the link: HERE


This is NASIOC member Timeless' GDB and it is one of the cleanest that I've seen, especially the engine bay!! It's nothing but proper go fast parts, like a Perrin rotated GT30r kit and a Cosworth intake manifold...yum..

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