Laguna Seca Blue S2k!

Aggressive wheel fitment has been on an incredible rise the past few years, and every year, you see more and more crazy fitments popping up. For the Honda S2000, a platform that I'm very familiar with, fitting low offset wheels can be extremely challenging. But some owners have met this challenge and were able to... Continue Reading →

[NEW] Volk Racing G12

Here's a nice in-depth look at Volk Racing's newest edition to their incredible line of wheels, the G12. As much as I love Rays and its affiliates, I'm still not too fond of their new generation of wheel designs.....I would rather be old school and take a set of TE37 or CE28 over the G2... Continue Reading →

7th Heaven

This is by far one of the most stunning stock-bodied RX-7 FD3S that I've seen.....EVER. Something about this car is just so damn attractive! All the colors just kind of 'Pops' in your face, and I love how the colors are matching from the red Bride Gias' to the red Volk CE28Ns', to the white... Continue Reading →

‘iS’ So Fitted

Here's an amazingly executed Civic Si from Florida. I just love the white-faced Work VS-XX against the burgundy body, I think they compliment each other very nicely. And the stance is just perfect, not too over-bearing with the camber and the ride height. This would definitely be MY ideal Civic. Photos by Huey Le

Mellow Yellow

This car should look familiar to some of you Socal S2KI members.....It was vandalized a few months back, but it's now back, stronger than ever. Don't be fooled by the tamed look of this car, cause it's packing some serious heat for the track! This car's equipped with the likes of a Moton 2-Way adjustable... Continue Reading →

Teal Is In!

Teal has become one of my favorite wheel color as of late, and the BBS LMs has always been a favorite wheel of mine...Put those two together, and we have an instant winner. Photos by

Double Trouble

Here's another nice set of photos from one of my favorite automotive photographer, John Zhang of 1013MM. This time, it is of two equally tasteful E36 M3s. Check it out. There's also a short video after the pics.

Unorthodox Racer

When you think of Acura TL, the images that pop into mind would probably be leather interior, sleek body lines, VIP status, and all sorts of luxury and creature comforts. Well, this particular TL is different from the norm...actually...more like polar opposites. This TL consists of a stripped interior, full Cusco roll-cage, Jackson Racing supercharger,... Continue Reading →

Simply Clean RSX

Here's an example of a nicely modified street car...nothing over the top, just subtle cleanliness. I approve! And I'm loving the special colored emerald green CE28n. Photos by Jay Martinez aka DJ Murdok

Phaze 2 TSX : Certified Fake Shit Free

Here's a full set of photos on the Phaze2 TSX that I posted a couple months back...Like the title says, this car's basically rocking all authentic parts, even down to the lug nuts...Props the the owner for keepin' it 'real' Photos by Jay Martinez aka DJ Murdok

Stanced IS250

I'm absolutely in love with this IS250. The stance, the WedsSport SA-55m wheels, the aero kit, all blends together so nicely..... Also, I'm usually not a fan of two-tone colored cars, but this one is an exception, I think it actually looks decent. Photos by Max Chiu Photography

RedBrick Racing Evo

So, I'm sure you've seen what a Voltex Cyber Edition Evo looks like..right??? So, what about a Do-Luck widebody Evo??? Have you seen one of those?? Google both if you don't know what I'm talking about, but if you do know what I'm talking about, then let me ask you this...Have you seen both of... Continue Reading →

Yellow Fever

There are certain cars out there that looks better in a particular color, such as Ferrari and the color, red. In this case, I think yellow is THE color for the FD3S, and I'm sure most of you will agree. So, when you take an already good looking yellow FD in stock form, add a... Continue Reading →

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