Generation of Rivalry

I remember a couple weeks ago I was saying I’m gonna spend more time shooting this year, so there’ll be more exclusive material on the blog. So, that’s exactly what I did yesterday. This particular shoot consisted of a familiar LSB GC8, and an E85 guzzling Evo 9. Both cars have minor cosmetic damages, which you can’t tell, but I’m glad that didn’t stop them from coming out for the shoot. With that said, I’ll give you guys a little run down on the cars. You guys might recognize the LSB GC8 since I’ve shot this car a number of times, but just for the record, it’s rocking some uber rare Mature front and rear bumpers, Work Emotion CR-Kai, swapped EJ20 motor, and other JDM bits and pieces. The Evo 9 is sporting a full Ings +1 kit, custom wheels, and a fully-built, 450whp, E85 drinking power plant. So, that’s a basic run down on the cars, hope you guys enjoy the pics!

MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

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