Face Lift

I must say, an R33 is definitely a great looking car, but it does show its age a lot more than its successor, the R34. So, what better way is there to make an R33 look newer, yet still stay true to its refined body lines, than convert it to an R33.4! Photos by Tom... Continue Reading →

The Classic Combo

BBS LM, a classic staple on any beautiful car, and here's a very simple, yet elegant S2k rocking the iconic wheels. Photos by Huy Ho Rock n' Roll

Voltex Armors

I've said this in my previous blog posts, but I'll say it again, Voltex is by far one of my favorite aero parts manufacturer of all. Not only are their products sleek and durable, they're also wind-tunnel tested for maximum efficiency and functionality. So, with that said, it always brings me great pleasure in feature... Continue Reading →

Crazy 8

Unlike the title suggests, this TE37v rocking RX8 is more clean than crazy. But none the less, all it matters is this car looks good!!! Photos by Kiyo

Steppin’ Out The Box

When it comes to car modifications, a lot of people like to play it safe and go for the tried and proven route. It could range from engine builds, body work, aggressive wheels, or etc. They choose the safe route because, like I said, it's proven to work and/or looks good. But then there are... Continue Reading →


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