Accurate Execution

Earlier in the year I said I was gonna go out and shoot more features for the blog, so I dusted off the camera and hit my buddy Tixx from TEAMREV.NET up for a shoot. I specifically chose him for a shoot cause I knew his Acura TL had recently went through some nice changes... Continue Reading →

Generation of Rivalry

I remember a couple weeks ago I was saying I'm gonna spend more time shooting this year, so there'll be more exclusive material on the blog. So, that's exactly what I did yesterday. This particular shoot consisted of a familiar LSB GC8, and an E85 guzzling Evo 9. Both cars have minor cosmetic damages, which... Continue Reading →

Imprezsive Duo

It's been long overdue for me to go out and do an exclusive shoot, so I met up with a couple of good friends who happen to both own legit, and swapped Imprezas and we did a quick shoot. The Aspen White, Advan RG2 equipped GC8 is rockin' a USDM EJ205 motor along with pretty... Continue Reading →

CE28 Lovers

Volk Racing/Rays Engineering has been the pinnacle of wheel manufacturing since its introduction back in 1973. And since then, they have continued to establish themselves as the go-to manufacturer for many race teams and tuners all over the world. It is because of their illustrious history and top-of-the-line wheel construction that makes them not only... Continue Reading →

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