Generation of Rivalry

I remember a couple weeks ago I was saying I'm gonna spend more time shooting this year, so there'll be more exclusive material on the blog. So, that's exactly what I did yesterday. This particular shoot consisted of a familiar LSB GC8, and an E85 guzzling Evo 9. Both cars have minor cosmetic damages, which... Continue Reading →

Oldie vs. Newbie

So, I recently went out and did a quick shoot for a couple of good friends of mine and here are the results. The GC8 recently had a make-over, and it's now sporting Mature front and rear bumpers and a fresh Laguna Seca Blue paint job. Also, both Subies are rocking upgraded turbos, and Volk... Continue Reading →

Ghost of Autumn

Saw this nice picture on the forums today, and decided that it was worthy of a post.....It's a super clean GC8 with a touch of autumn/Halloween ish..backdrop.

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