Blue Dream

Hope you guys don't mind, but here's another super clean S2k to feast your eyes on. This S2 has got all the JDM fixings that you can ever ask for, from the gloss black TE37 wheels, to the Voltex rear diffuser, to the Spoon front bumper, and to the Bride and Defi clad interior. This... Continue Reading →

Garage Mak Z33

If you're a big follower on JDM tuning, then chances are you've heard of the name Garage Mak. They've been churning out some sick Nissans over the years, and here is one of their latest creations. Rockin' their custom Revolution kit, this boosted Z sure packs a punch!


Most of you guys who's been following my blog or my FACEBOOK page for awhile now knows that I drive an S2000, so naturally, S2ks are a staple on my blog. With that said, here is another clean example of a properly modded S2k. This beautiful NFR is rocking a set of aggressively sized CCW... Continue Reading →

Simply Amazing DC2

Yup, it's another car from Canada, and yup it's clean as hell! This is pretty close to what I would describe as the perfect Integra, it's not overly done up and it's got the right parts in all the right places. My favorite aspect of this car is of course, the combination of the white... Continue Reading →

The Golden Child

I don't think I've posted this following car on my blog before because it is quite difficult to find a cleanly modded one, but here is a first. This is possibly one of the cleanest Del Sols ever. It's rocking all sorts of JDM goodies, like the ultra rare Mugen front bumper and Volk Racing... Continue Reading →

Cabrio Love

I know there's a lot of people out there who's not a fan of convertible M3s but I, myself, have a definite soft spot for them. This one here is rocking a fresh set of Volk LE37 wheels, CSL accents, and that unmistakable Frozen Grey Metallic paint job, truly a definition of 'proper'. Photos by... Continue Reading →

Red Legend

When it comes to classic Japanese sports cars, there's one name that stands out from the rest, the Nissan Skyline. And at JDM Legends, that is all they do, classics. Recently, they took their pristine red KGC10 out to Miller Motorsports Park and snapped some shots while they were there, here are the results.

Dark Knight

I've said this before and I'll say it again, them Canadians sure know how to mod their cars, and this 350Z is here to prove it. This beauty is rocking a full Ings +1 outfit along with a set of ever popular Advan RS', oh, and did I mention it was boosted as well...a definite... Continue Reading →

JNA Performance STi

Looks like I'm on a roll with these GRB STis cause here's another very nicely modded one. This beauty is rocking the relatively new WedsSports SA60m wheels along with some subtle carbon fiber aero to set the car off just right. Photos by Akolstad Photography

Feisty Wagon

I'm sure many of us are not big fans when it comes to wagons, but then comes this monster and feelings quickly changes. One of my favorite GRBs ever, this Varis clad wagon is a car you don't want to mess with! Photos by Raymond Tran

RE 雨宮 x Feed FD

Now this is what I call the perfect RX7. Rocking a Feed wide body with a RE Amemiya front bumper, and a set of CE28n, a combination that works i harmony.

Monster X

I've only seen these two pictures, but boy do this Varis rockin' Evo look bad ass! And props to the photographer for some nice night time photography. Photos by Jesse Ito

1 Fresh Z

Fresh, and simple is what this 350Z is going for, and it definitely pulls it off with a nice set of bold, purple hued, CE28 wheels. Photos by Lam Le

RaytriX [Sneak Peek]

My buddy Raymond out in Chicago dropped these pics of his revamped Evo X today, so I thought I'd share them here with you guys. This car is rockin' all kinds of JDM goodies from Varis, Voltex, Work, you name it, its got it.

One Word: Skyline

Here's a nice little gathering of the three most iconic generations of Nissan's Skyline GTRs. The R32, 33, and 34. Photos by Alan Luy

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