Monthly Archives: April 2012

Blue Dream

Hope you guys don’t mind, but here’s another super clean S2k to feast your eyes on. This S2 has got all the JDM fixings that you can ever ask for, from the gloss black TE37 wheels, to the Voltex rear diffuser, to the Spoon front bumper, and to the Bride and Defi clad interior. This thing is just JDM heaven!

Photos by Gawa Photo



Most of you guys who’s been following my blog or my FACEBOOK page for awhile now knows that I drive an S2000, so naturally, S2ks are a staple on my blog. With that said, here is another clean example of a properly modded S2k. This beautiful NFR is rocking a set of aggressively sized CCW LM20 in a matte black finish, which contrasts quite nicely with the two-toned Mugen hardtop. Then the exterior is finished off with some more aggressive pieces courtesy of a Spoon rear diffuser and a OEM CR front lip. The interior has also been mildly, but tastefully modified with a deep-coned Vertex steering wheel, and a couple of snug Recaro buckets. Although, there were no engine bay shots, I’m sure the motor has also had some nice work done to it given the mods found on other parts of the car, and that unmistakable dolphin tipped J’s Racing exhaust sticking out the back of the car.