Friend’s Racing Silvia S15 @ Attack Tsukuba 2020

As you can imagine, the pinnacle of the Attack series at Tsukuba always brings out some of the best and fastest cars all over Japan. I’ve been covering the event for several years now and while almost every car that participates in the event is noteworthy, I always find a handful of cars that really grabs my attention. After sitting out during last years’ event, the Friend’s Racing Silvia returned this year with a new look that just took my breath away. I mean… this car is doing it BIG. Big splitter, big wing, big diffuser, big turbo; pretty much big everything that created a perfect recipe for a proper time attack car. But the best thing about this car is that all of these exaggerated pieces fit so well together and the car actually looks fantastic.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Back in 2018, the car was already aggressive, but this new look just blows the old exterior away.

Like its faster counterpart, the Scorch Racing S15, this Friend’s Power beauty retains the SR20 power plant with output in the 600HP range.

Can we all agree that this car looks fantastic from all angles? But I especially like the backend with the addition of the rear diffuser that works wonderfully with the triple element Voltex spoiler.

I think the white Advan GT was my favorite wheel choice for this car so far. Also, Hoosier’s been developing a new tire for time attack which you can see here. The Escort Evo was also running the same tires.

Like many cars during the event, the Friend’s Silvia failed to secure their target time and finished the day in fourth place overall with a time of 54.857.

So, there you have it, the Friend’s Racing Silvia in all its glory. I hope you guys liked the photos and be sure to visit the site again once I get more photos from Attack Tsukuba up here!

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