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800 HP of Garage Ito Goodness

The Osaka-based tuning shop Garage Ito is synonymous to some of the best GTRs on the streets of Japan, and this brilliant R34 on sale at Global Auto Sales is a perfect example of the workmanship of the tuning house.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0001_1.jpg

Some faces are more intimidating than others…

 photo pic0000_5.jpg

 photo pic0002_5.jpg

The exterior of this beast has a gorgeous mixture of Nismo (Z-Tune), Auto Select, and Car Shop F1 pieces.

 photo pic0003_6.jpg

 photo pic0005_5.jpg

The back end is highlighted by a gigantic Voltex Type-5 GT wing.

 photo pic0006_6.jpg

Footwork courtesy of Volk Racing TE37SL in Pressed Double Black finish and Endless BBK combo.

 photo pic0008 2_1.jpg

The heart of this car is, of course, the 800+HP stroked RB26(28) motor and the San-Ai TF08 turbine that helps this beast achieve its high output.

 photo pic0009 1_2.jpg

 photo pic0010_4.jpg

Interior wise is kept a simple street/track setup with the essentials such as roll cage, Bride buckets, various gauges and so forth.


Simple Fresh GTR

I’ve always said that R34 GTRs are one of those cars that needs very little in aftermarket modifications to perform well against other sports cars. And til this day, I still stand by this statement.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0000_4.jpg

 photo pic0002_4.jpg

Even though this particular GTR looks very simple on the outside, it really stood out to me because the combination of the silver body with the gloss black Volk Racing SE37K looks absolutely perfect.

 photo pic0006_5.jpg

 photo pic0007_3.jpg

The ride height on this thing is also perfect in my books.

 photo pic0003_5.jpg

 photo pic0005_4.jpg

 photo pic0008_5.jpg

Although the exterior is relatively mild, this R34 packs a pretty good punch thanks to a fully built N1 block as well as a ton of HKS engine mods, most notably, the twin GT2530 turbines that pushes this race car to 550 HPs.

The Zilla Nobody Knows

When it comes to limited edition Japanese sports cars, this one here is perhaps one of the lesser known models out there. A 40th anniversary Autech R33 GTR in the famous Midnight Purple colorway.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0002 2.jpg

 photo pic0000 2.jpg

I gotta say, a four door R33 is not exactly a handsome looking car, but the rarity and power definitely makes up for it.

 photo pic0006 2.jpg

Footwork courtesy of Nismo LM GT4s.

 photo pic0005 2.jpg

 photo pic0003 1_1.jpg

The car definitely takes some getting used to…..

 photo pic0004_2.jpg

Love the booty.

 photo pic0008 2.jpg

Power output on this special GTR is boosted up to 550 HPs thanks to a stroked 2.8L RB26 and twin HKS GT2530 turbine kit, with a host of supporting mods of course.

 photo pic0009 1_1.jpg