Charged Up

At first glance I honestly thought this NSX was a wide body, but it’s actually an aggressive stock bodied number.

Photos via MINKARA

 photo c5157dbf62_zpswhpqm0wv.jpg

NSX-R and Sorcery mixture of goods.

 photo nsx3_zpsekjegzvw.jpg

I actually really like this NA2 bumper/splitter combo!

 photo nsx2_zpsim48rsrz.jpg

SSR Type Cs.

 photo nsx1_zpsaed8wdgt.jpg

Taitec rear diffuser is definitely a favorite for the NSX.

 photo nsx5_zpscdgma4qz.jpg

 photo nsx4_zpsw4s2hxzq.jpg

Recaro Pole Positions peeking from the front windshield.

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