Laguna Blue Sorcery S2000

With how popular the S2000 is among car enthusiasts these days and how abundant aftermarket parts are for this platform, it's pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. That is, unless you choose your parts wisely and go routes that are less traveled. Photos via MINKARA My favorite aftermarket front bumper for the S2K... Continue Reading →

Charged Up

At first glance I honestly thought this NSX was a wide body, but it's actually an aggressive stock bodied number. Photos via MINKARA NSX-R and Sorcery mixture of goods. I actually really like this NA2 bumper/splitter combo! SSR Type Cs. Taitec rear diffuser is definitely a favorite for the NSX. Recaro Pole Positions peeking from... Continue Reading →


There are cars out there that just seems pretty basic and simple at a quick glance, but when you take a more detailed look into the vehicle, there is actually a lot of work that's put into it. Take this S2000 for example, it seems like a regular stock-bodied car, but upon closer inspection, you... Continue Reading →

Widebody S2000 x Widebody NSX

Decided to go with a straight forward but eye-catching title for this post lol. These two beautiful widebodies are actually owned by one owner, believe it or not. And the fact that both of them are equally well modded and widebodied is even more unbelievable... Photos via MINKARA The NSX is rocking a super wide... Continue Reading →

Wet Dream

NSX x Sorcery aero is probably one of the best automotive combos in existence. Of course, this is all based on my own opinion, but I'd say most of you would agree with me. Photos via MINKARA

Sorcery Attire

I must say, besides a stock bodied NSX, I think the Sorcery Passlimit kit is definitely one of my favorite look for the NSX. And even with a stock wing this kit looks bad ass! Photos via MINKARA

Impromptu Shoot : 3/30/14

I haven't been shooting much lately and I had some free time this past weekend, so...........took my own car out for a shoot! Keep in mind, this was very last minute and it was a random location that I just pulled into, so I did the best I could. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

White Sorcery

Well here's an absolutely sensational NSX rocking some Sorcery/custom attire.....I'll tell ya, the Japanese sure are the best modders out there... Photos via MINKARA

Orange Perfection

I'm sure we can all agree that an NSX already looks great from the factory, but like all good things, there's always room for improvement. Add a Sorcery widebody, Work Meister S1 and other JDM bits, an NSX can go from good to spectacular. Photos by Dylan King Photography via FLICKR

Wide, Fitted & Blown NSX [Teaser]

Honda's retired flagship vehicle has been out of production for over 5 years now, but it's status and popularity continues to live on. Despite the fact that the NSX has been around for 20 years, it still draws attention amongst enthusiasts whether at events, shows, or simply driving on the streets.....And I'm only referring to... Continue Reading →

MoMo Hits The Spot! #500!

It's another milestone for! It's post/feature #500! Again, I can't thank all you guys enough for stopping by and checking out the blog, but I hope you guys like what you see! So, as for post #500...I was debating on what to blog about...I WAS leaning toward posting a hottie but then I realized... Continue Reading →

West Bound

Here are a couple of nice snap shots of the all-so-famous, award-winning, Sorcery widebody NSX. One of my favorite modified imports.....ever. Photos courtesy of DJ Murdok

NSX, How I Love Thee

NSX..the pinnacle of Japanese sports car...with it's mid-engine, RWD setup, is the dream car of many enthusiasts out there, myself included. From the factory, the NSX is just timeless, but some people like to take it up to the next level, and the results can be sensational. Sensational as in...a Sorcery widebody painted in a... Continue Reading →

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