Attack Maximum Challenge 2018: Arvou S2000 Special

Another year of Attack Maximum Challenge is in the books, which means another year of some good old time attack championship coverage on the site. This year I decided to do things a little differently here and showcase some of the cars in a more in-depth fashion rather than grouping a bunch of photos together. I think this way, photos can be easily found for future references and also gives me a chance to jot down some info I have on these time attack machines.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

First off, it’s Kobayashi-san’s Arvou S2000 which was parked in the back area of the pits away from everyone else that made for some great photo opportunities. There were actually a few other Arvou cars participating during the event, but we’ll get to those on a later post.

Arvou seems to have ditched the Amuse Legalo front in favor of the Voltex piece on several of their cars, which is definitely an improvement in the aerodynamic department.

The back of the car is a mixture of Voltex and ASM flavor in conjunction with the K1 Laboratory duckbill spoiler.

Interior wise, it’s all track oriented business with a single Recaro bucket, a full cage for added safety and a host of gauges to monitor engine essentials.

A closer look at the footwork reveals a set of white Advan GTs wrapped in some trusted Advan A050 tires and AP Racing BBKs that can stop a freight train. And although the Amuse Legalo front from before provided a more cleaner, street-able look, you can clearly see the aerodynamic differences between the Voltex and Amuse pieces. Therefore, with the improved aerodynamics and 320HP on tap, the car was able to lap a best of 59.837 on the day which is quite impressive for a street car.

Wrapping up the bulk of the exterior are Mugen carbon pieces in the CFRP hood and hardtop.

So there you have it, a short but hopefully sweet post on one of the Arvou cars. But before I cap off this post, I’ve had a few people asking if this was the demo car that crashed at the infamous Touge, and I can assure you that this is a completely different car. As far as what happen to the fate of their demo car, I’m not quite sure.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! But I can assure you that there’s more to come!

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