Monster R32 GTR

I think I’ve said it in earlier posts on the blog but the R32 GTR is over 25 years old and is definitely showing its age.
Of course this notion is solely based on a stock R32 cause man, if you modify it with the right parts, it can easily blend in with them newer generations of sports cars. Case in point, this insanely gorgeous example from Global Auto Sales.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo r2_2.jpg

 photo r5_2.jpg

This is quite possibly the most beautiful R32 I’ve ever seen. Everything about this car is perfect in my opinion, everything from the body car, to wheel choice, and all the modifications in between.

 photo r1_2.jpg

The rare Shorin front lip looks amazing with the rest of the car.

 photo r6_2.jpg

Gloss black TE37 and Endless BBKs is footwork perfection.

 photo r3_2.jpg

 photo r4_2.jpg

The back side of this beast is equally aggressive as the rest of the car with that gigantic Voltex spoiler and the Top Secret carbon diffuser. Oh, and that Ganador titanium exhaust is also a nice, albeit, expensive touch.

 photo r7_2.jpg

And lastly, a well-rounded car must have a well built motor to finish it off, and this R32 is all about power and reliability. We talking 2.8 liters of stroked RB26 and a huge HKS T04Z turbine that cranks out 700+ HPs, enough for drag, circuit, drift, or whatever motorsport you throw at it.

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