The Zilla Nobody Knows

When it comes to limited edition Japanese sports cars, this one here is perhaps one of the lesser known models out there. A 40th anniversary Autech R33 GTR in the famous Midnight Purple colorway.

Photos via Global Auto

 photo pic0002 2.jpg

 photo pic0000 2.jpg

I gotta say, a four door R33 is not exactly a handsome looking car, but the rarity and power definitely makes up for it.

 photo pic0006 2.jpg

Footwork courtesy of Nismo LM GT4s.

 photo pic0005 2.jpg

 photo pic0003 1_1.jpg

The car definitely takes some getting used to…..

 photo pic0004_2.jpg

Love the booty.

 photo pic0008 2.jpg

Power output on this special GTR is boosted up to 550 HPs thanks to a stroked 2.8L RB26 and twin HKS GT2530 turbine kit, with a host of supporting mods of course.

 photo pic0009 1_1.jpg

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