Hotter Than The Rest

So I was doing my usual browsing on the web and so happen to stumble upon this beauty of a car. It’s not often that you’d find a R34 GTR in the flashy Active Red color, especially one as clean as this!

Photos via Global Auto

 photo red1.jpg

 photo red2.jpg

This thing is looks absolutely gorgeous with the upgraded Z Tuned pieces.

 photo red5.jpg

Gloss black Volk RE30s and Brembo BBKs makes a great footwork combo.

 photo red4.jpg

 photo red3.jpg

Towards the back end you can spot out a ballin’ ARC titanium exhaust as well as a set of Behrman/Wise Square tail lights.

 photo red6.jpg

Engine bay wise is kept very streetable with a combination of Tomei and HKS pieces with the highlight being twin HKS GT-SS turbochargers capable of 580HP.

 photo red7.jpg

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